What Do You Mean

Choregraphie par :  Jose Miguel BELLOQUE, Roy VERDONK

Description :            32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Septembre 2015

Musique :                 What Do You Mean par Justin BIEBER

Intro: 32 counts

S1: Side, Cross Rock, Chasse L, Step Fwd On L Diagonal, 1/2 Turn L, Chasse With 1/2 Turn L
1-2-3      Rf step right, Rock Lf forward, recover onto R
4&5        Lf step left, Rf close next to Lf (&), Lf step left
6-7         making 1/8 turn left stepping Rf fwd (10.30 ), make 1/2 turn left stepping Lf forward (4.30)
8&1       make 1/4 turn left stepping Rf to right, Lf step together ( & ), make 1/4 turn left stepping Rf back (10.30)

S2: Rock Back L, Chasse Forward L, Kick Ball Touch, Syncopated Swivels
2-3        Lf rock back, recover onto Rf
4&5       Lf step forward, Rf lock behind Lf ( & ), Lf step forward (10.30)
6&7       Rf kick forward , Rf step together ( & ), Lf touch forward
&8&1    Bf swivel heels left (&), Bf swivel heels centre, Bf swivel heels left (&), Bf swivel heels centre (weight remains on Rf)

S3: Rock Forward L, Recover With Flick, chasse forward L , Rock Side R, Cross Shuffle R
2-3        Lf rock forward, recover onto Rf whilst flicking Lf in front of Rf
4&5       Lf step forward, Rf lock behind Lf (&), Lf step forward (10.30)
6-7        make 1/8 turn left rocking Rf right, recover onto Lf (09.00)
8&1       Rf cross in front of Lf, Lf step left ( & ), Rf cross in front of Lf

S4: 1/2 Turn L, Cross Shuffle L, Rock Side R, Touch
2-3        make 1/4 turn right stepping Lf back, make 1/4 turn right stepping Rf right ( 3.00 )
4&5       Lf cross in front of Rf, Rf step right ( & ), Lf cross in front of Rf
6-7        Rf rock right, recover onto Lf
8           Rf touch next to Lf




Catégorie: Novice

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