When The Party’s Over

Choregraphie par :   Barbara   Tobin   –  USA

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Juillet 2019

Musique :                   « When The Party’s Over » by Janis Ian, Amazon Digital (2:59) 112 bpm

Two 4-Count Tags at the end of Wall 3(facing 3:00) and Wall 6 (facing 6:00)
End of Wall 8: music pauses: insert same 4-count tag plus 2-count hold (see note below)
Intro: 32 counts. Weight on R.

(1-8) Step forward, 1/2 left turn hitch, forward shuffle, step to side, close, forward press/recover, close
1,2        Step L forward, hitch R next to L calf while making 1/2 left turn on L ball[6:00]
3&4      Step R forward, step L next to R, step R forward
5,6        Step L to left, close R next to L
7&8      Press L forward, recover R, close L

(9-16) Step forward with hip sway, sway back, sway forward, 1/4 right turn, side rock/recover, cross shuffle
1,2        Step R forward with hips swaying forward, sway hips back
3,4        Sway forward, 1/4 right turn on R ball (styling: bring L toe next to R instep)[9:00]
5,6        Rock L to left, recover R
7&8      Cross L over R, step R to right, cross L over R

(17-24) Step right, 1/4 left turn step forward, 1/2 left turn back shuffle, step back, toe touch front, step forward, toe touch behind
1,2        Step R to right, 1/4 left turn step L forward[6:00]
3&4      1/4 left turn step R to right, 1/8 left turn step L next to R, 1/8 left turn R back [12:00]
5,6        Step L back, touch R toe in front of L (styling: lean body slightly back)
7,8        Step R forward, touch L toe behind R (styling: straighten body upright)

(25-32) Step forward, 1/4 left turn sweep back to front, cross, back, rock, recover, step, hitch
1,2        Step L forward, 1/4 left turn on L ball sweep R back to front [9:00]
3,4        Cross R over L, step L back
5,6        Rock R back, recover L
7,8        Step R forward, hitch L next to R

TAGS at the end of Wall 3 (facing 3:00) and Wall 6 (facing 6:00) — Add a left rocking chair:
1-4        Rock L forward, recover R, rock L back, recover R

TAG AT END OF WALL 8 (facing 12:00):
The music stops for 6 counts: do same left rocking chair tag (above) then hold 2 counts until music starts again to begin Wall 9.

Music ends at end of Wall 9, facing 9:00; turn 1/4 right to face 12:00 on last note.
Please do not alter this step sheet in any way. If you would like to use it on your website, it must be used in its original format. Contact the choreographer with your questions: barbara.tobin@yahoo.com
July 3, 2019


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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