Winding Up

Choregraphie par :  Rudy  HONING (NL)

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Mai 2018

Musique :                  Winding Up by Baha Men

Walk Forward R + L, Side rock, Cross, ¼ Diamond, Coasterstep L
1-2      Step R Forward, Step L Forward.
3&4     Rock R to the right side, Weight back on L, Cross R over L.
5-6      Turn 1/8 R Stepping L Back, Step R Back.
7&8     Turn 1/8 R Step L back, Step R beside L, Step L forward.

Diagonal step forward, ½ turn R, Step Lock Step, Rockstep, ¾ turn R
1-2      Turn 1/8 R Stepping R forward, Turn ½ R Stepping L back.
3&4     Turn 1/8 L Stepping R back, Lock L in front of R, Step R back.
5-6      Rock L Back, Weight back on R.( facing 9 o’clock )
7-8      Turn ½ R Stepping L back, Turn ¼ R Stepping R to the side.( facing 6 o’clock )

Cross Shuffle L, ½ turn R Cross shuffle, Siderock, Behind Side Cross
1&2     Cross L over R, Step R to the Side, Cross L over R.
3&4     Turn ½ R Cross R over L, Step L to the Side, Cross R over L.
5-6      Rock L to the side, Weight back R.
7&8     Cross L behind R, Step R to the side, Cross L over R.

Siderock, ½ Turn Sailorstep, Rockstep, Full Turn L
1-2      Rock R to the side, Weight back on L.
3&4     Turn ¼ R Step R behind L, Turn ¼ R step L slightly back, Step R forward.
5-6      Rock L forward, Weight back on R.
7&8     Full Turn ( on the spot ) Stepping L,R,L.
( Alternative : Coasterstep L )

Start over

Tags : 3 x ( Intro , After wall 3, After wall 6 )
Step out R+L, Step in R+L, Pivot ½ Turn L 2x
1-2      Step R out, Step L out ( shimmy )
3-4      Step R in place, Step L in place ( shimmy )
5-6      Step R forward, Turn ½ L.
7-8      Step R forward, Turn ½ L.

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