Work For It

Choregraphie par :  Lisa McCammon

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Octobre 2019

Musique :                  Work For It by Daphne Willis ft. Lonis, appx 2:42; single; 094 bpm

#32 count intro – Counterclockwise rotation; start weight on L

Alternate tracks: Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby by Ricky Nelson (slower for teaching); How Could I Love Her So Much by Nathan Carter (country)

Choreographer’s note: I have chosen to ignore the extra 8 counts after the second repetition rather than include a tag or restart.* I think the beat is consistent and the lyrics repetitive enough that dancers won’t notice the phrasing, and the dance will finish on count 32. The tempo is peppy, but there is only one wall change, the steps are familiar, and I have included easier options to simplify and slow the pace.

1&            Step R forward to right diagonal, step L to side (styling option: go up onto heels)
2&            Step R back, close L
3&4&       Touch R heel forward, step R home, touch L heel forward, step L home
(easier option 3-4: touch R heel forward, touch R toes home)
5&6&       Step R forward to right diagonal, touch L home, step L back to left diagonal, touch R home
7&8&       Step R back to right diagonal, touch L home, step L forward to left diagonal, touch R home

1&2         Step R to side, step L slightly behind R, cross R
3&4         Step L to side, step R slightly behind L, cross L
5-6          Step back R starting turn left, finish ¼ turn stepping side L [9]
7&8         Cross R, step L to side, cross R

1-2          Step L to side, close R
3&4         Step back L, close R, step back L
5&6         Step back R, close L, step forward R
7&8&       Kick L forward, step L home, rock R to side, recover L
(easier option 7&8: Kick L forward, step L home, point R toes to side)

1&2&       Kick R forward, step R home, rock L to side, recover R
(easier option 1&2: Kick R forward, step R home, point L toes to side)
3&4         Step L behind, step R to side, cross L
5&6&       Step R to side, close L, step R to side, touch L home
7&8&       Step L to side, touch R home; point R toes out, in
(easier option 7&8&: basic L, touch)

*If you wish to stick to the phrasing, restart after 8 counts during your third repetition at 6:00. The dance will end facing 3:00 after count 24&.

©All rights reserved, October 2019. This step sheet is not authorized for publication on Kickit. If you have a script of this dance with the Kickit logo it should be destroyed, because it has been posted without permission or proper credit, and may have been altered without my knowledge or consent. Contact Lisa at or visit


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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