Choregraphie par :      Jean-Louis Chevalier (CAN), Rob Fowler (ES) & I.C.E. (ES)

Description :                 32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Juin 2021

Musique :                      Workin’ Out – Lindsay Ell : (Album: Make It Up As We Go)

Intro: 24 counts (approx. 13 secs) – Start on vocals – No Restarts or Tags

S1: Walk, Walk, Stomp, Heel Bounce, Walk, Walk, Stomp, Heel Bounce
1-2         Step RF forward, Step LF forward
3&4        RF Stomp (without weight), RF Raise Heel, RF Drop Heel down (with weight)
5-6         Step LF forward, Step RF forward
7&8        LF Stomp (without weight), LF Raise Heel, LF Drop Heel down (with weight)

S2: Rock Step, Shuffle, Back, Back, Coaster Step
1-2         Rock RF forward, Recover on LF
3&4        Step RF back, Step LF beside RF, Step RF back
5-6         Step LF back, Step RF back
7&8        Step LF back, Step RF beside RF, Step LF forward

S3: Rock Step, Weave, Heel Dig + Clap, Heel Dig + Clap
1-2         Step RF to right side, Recover on LF
3-6         Cross RF over LF, Step LF to left, Cross RF behind LF, Step LF to left
7-8         RF Heel Dig to Right Diagonal with Clap, RF Heel Dig to Right Diagonal with Clap

S4: Grapevine 1/4 R, Step, Kick Ball Change, Kick Ball Change
1-4         Step RF to right, Cross LF behind RF, Step RF to right side ¼ turn right, Step LF forward 3:00
5&6        RF Kick Fwd, RF ball beside LF, LF in place (with weight)
7&8        RF Kick Fwd, RF ball beside LF, LF in place (with weight)

Start Over!

Note to dance instructors: There should have been 2 restarts but to maintain the dance at beginner level, the choreography has been structured to dance through the restarts.
The instructor can choose to omit the turn in section 4 and teach the dance as a one wall dance.
Please contact me at if you have any questions or comments.


Workin’ Out

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