Written In Scars

Choregraphie par :  Karl Harry WINSON et Ross BROWN

Description :            64 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Juin 2015

Musique :                  Written In Scars par Jack SAVORETTI

Intro: 16 Counts from the heavy beat. (Approx. 45 Secs.)

S1: Right Grapevine 1/4 Turn. Hold. Step. 1/2 Turn. 1/4 Side. Hold.
1 – 4        Step R to Right side. Cross Left behind Right. Turn 1/4 R stepping R fwd Hold. 3.00
5 – 8        Step Left fwd. Pivot 1/2 turn R. Make 1/4 R stepping Left out to Left side. Hold. 12.00k

S2: Behind. Side. Cross Step. Hold. Side-Touch. Side Step. Hold.
1 – 4        Cross Right behind Left. Step Left to Left side. Cross step Right over Left. Hold.
5 – 6        Step Left to Left side. Touch R beside Left. Restart Here on Walls 4 & 9 both facing 3.00 
7 – 8        Step Right to Right side. Hold.

S3: Behind. 1/8 Turn. Forward Step. Brush. Forward-Touch. Back. Heel Dig.
1 – 4        Cross Left behind R. Turn 1/8 turn R stepping R fwd. Step Left fwd. Brush R beside Left.
5 – 8        Step fwd on Right. Touch Left toe behind Right heel. Step back on Left. Dig R heel fwd

S4: Forward-Touch. Back. Flick. Run Back X3. Hold.
1 – 4        Step fwd on Right. Touch Left toe behind R heel. Step back on Left. Flick Right foot fwd.
5 – 8        Small Runs back Stepping: Right, Left, Right. Hold.

S5: Coaster 1/8 Turn Right. Hold. Step Lock-Step. Hold.
1 – 4        Step back on Left. Step R beside Left turning 1/8 turn Right. Step Left fwd. Hold. 3.00
5 – 8        Step Right forward. Lock Left foot behind Right. Step forward on Right. Hold.

S6: 1/2 Turn Right. Back Lock-Step. Hold. Back Rock. Side Rock.
1 – 4        Turn 1/2 R stepping back on Left foot. Lock R across Left. Step back on Left. Hold. 9.00 
5 – 8        Rock back on R . Recover weight fwd Left. Rock R out to Right side. Recover weight Left.

S7: Heel Strut Forward X2. Stomp Forward X2 (with dips). Right Heel Strut.
1 – 4        Step fwd on Right heel. Drop toes to the floor. Step fwd on Left heel. Drop toes to the floor.
5 – 6        Stomp fwd on Right. Stomp fwd on Left. (As you stomp forward, dip/bend knees slightly).
7 – 8        Step forward on Right heel. Drop toes to the floor.

S8: Left Heel Strut. Forward Rock. Side Rock. Back Rock.
1 – 2        Step forward on Left heel. Drop toes to the floor.
3 – 4        Rock forward on Right. Recover weight back on Left.
5 – 8        Rock R out to R side. Recover weight  Left. Rock back on R . Recover weight fwd on Left.
***Tag/Restart: On Walls 4 & 9 facing 3 o’clock wall, replace Counts 7 – 8 of Section 2 (Step-Hold) with the following:
Right Toe Point. Right Toe Touch.
7 – 8        Point Right toe out to Right side. Touch Right toe beside Left.



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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