Choregraphie par :  Simon WARD & Jo THOMPSON SZYMANSKI

Description :            80 temps, 2 murs, 2014, Intermédiaire

Musique :                 Yes par Merry CLAYTON

Notes: Intro 32 counts (approx. 12secs), Dance starts on vocals.

[1-8] Kick, Cross, Side Rock, Recover, Weave right
1-4      Kick R forward; Cross R over L; Rock L to left; Recover weight onto R (12:00)
5-8      Cross L over R; Step R to right; Step L behind R; Step R to right (12:00)

[9-16] Toe Strut Jazz Box 1/4 Turn Left, Side, Cross
1-4      Touch L toe across R; Drop L heel; Touch R toe back; Drop R heel
5-8      Turn 1/4 left touch L toe forward (9:00); Drop L heel; Step R to right; Cross L over R

[17-24] Hitch, Side, Cross, Side, Left Vaudeville Step
1         Rising up slightly on ball of L foot, Hitch R knee up with R foot close to L leg
Styling: On the hitch, arms go up in a V shape w/ jazz hands – Look toward 12:00 – think Broadway show!
2-4      Step R to right; Cross L over R; Step R to right (9:00)
5-8      Touch L heel at 45 degree left; Step L slightly back; Cross R over L; Step L to left (9:00)

[25-32] Back with Slow Sweep, Back with Slow Knee, Rock Back, Hold, Recover, Hold
1-2      Step R behind L slowly sweeping L back
3-4      Step L back slowly raising R knee slightly while moving R foot back
5-8      Rock R back raising L knee slightly (roll R shoulder back)Hold; Recover fwd onto LHold (9:00)
Styling: These 8 counts are meant to be smooth, use body for styling.

[33-40] 1/4 Turn Left Scissor Step, Kick, Behind, 1/4 Turn Right, Forward, Hold
1-4      Turn 1/4 L stepping R to R (6:00); Step L beside R; Cross R over L; Kick L to left diagonal
5-8      Step L behind R, Turn 1/4 right step R forward (9:00); Step L forward; Hold

[41-48] Walk Around 1/2 Turn Right with 4 Slow Steps – Right, Hold, Left, Hold, Right, Hold, Left, Hold
1-4      Turn 1/8 right stepping R fwd (10:30); Hold; Turn 1/8 right stepping L forward (12:00); Hold
5-8      Turn 1/8 right stepping R forward (1:30); Hold; Turn 1/8 right stepping L forward (3:00); Hold

[49-56] K- Step – Forward, Touch, Back, Touch, Back, Touch, Forward, Touch (optional claps)
1-4      Step R fwd at R diagTouch L beside R; Step L back at L diagonal; Touch R beside L (3:00)
5-8      Step R back at R diagonal; Touch L beside R; Step L fwd at L diagonal; Brush R fwd(3:00)
Option: You may clap hands on the K-Step if you like.

[57-64] 1/4 Turn Left Press, Knee Pops L, R, L, Step/Drag, Hold, Touch, Hold
1-2      Turn ¼ left touch/press ball of R to right (12:00), Take weight onto R popping L knee forward
3-4      Take weight onto L popping R knee fwd Take weight onto R popping L knee forward (12:00)
5-8      Large step L to L drag R towards L Hold/continue  drag R to L, Touch R beside L, Hold (12:00)

[65-72] Side, Hold, Rock Back, Recover, Side, Hold, Rock Back, Recover
1-4      Step R to right; Hold & drag L towards R; Rock L behind R; Recover weight onto R (12:00)
5-8      Step L to left; Hold & drag R towards L; Rock R behind L; Recover weight onto L (12:00)

[73-80] Chase Turns: 1/4 Turn Right, Hold, 1/2 Chase Turn Right, Forward, Hold, 1/4 Chase Turn Left
1-4      Turn 1/4 R step R forward (3:00), Hold; Step L forward; Turn 1/2 R taking weight onto R (9:00)
5-8      Step L forward; Hold; Step R forward; Turn 1/4 left taking weight onto L (6:00)

Tag: Repeat last 16 counts (65-80) on Wall 4. You will finish the tag facing the back wall (6:00).

Ending: Dance ends facing front on count 33 – do the 1/4 turn L  but instead of doing the scissors,
Step R to R into a R lunge with big ‘Ta Daa” R arm up, L arm down, palms facing front, shout “YES!!!



Catégorie: Intermédiaire

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