5 More Minutes

Choregraphie par :  Carol  THORPE  –  USA

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Mai 2020

Musique :                  « Five More Minutes » by Jonas Brothers

Tag after Wall 3
Start right after 4th count when you hear word “minutes”

Weave L, Side Point, ½ Sailor, Cross Shuffle
1,2,3,4        Cross R over L, Step L to L, Cross R behind L, Point L to L side 12:00
5&6            Cross L behind R, Turn ½ R, Stepping R to R, Step L to L side 6:00
7&8            Cross R over L, Step L slightly to L, Cross R over L 6:00

Walks 1/2, Shuffle 1/4, Rock Recover, Full Turn
1,2             Turn ¼ L stepping forward L, turn ¼ L stepping forward R 9:00
3&4            Turn ¼ stepping forward L, step forward R next to L, step forward L 9:00
5,6.7          Rock forward on R recover L, step forward on R making ½ turn to R 3:00
8                Step back on L turning ½ R 9:00

Sailor, Heel Dig ¼ Turn, Nightclub R, Slide L, Cross Rock Recover
1&2            Cross R behind L, step to L on L, Step R to R side 9:00
3&4            Place L heel in front of RF and pivot on heel ¼ L, step back on R, step L next to R 6:00
5,6&           Step R on R, Rock L behind R, Recover on R 6:00
7,8&           Step L to L, Rock R over L, Recover on L 6:00

Hip Sways, Ball Change Step, Hip Sways, Ball Change Step , Step ¼ turn
1,2&3,4      Step R to R and sway R-L, quickly step ball of R foot behind L, step forward L, step R to R 6:00
5,6&7         Step L to L and sway L-R, quickly step ball of L foot behind R turning ¼ L, step forward R 3:00
8                 Step forward on L 3:00

TAG: You will be facing the 9:00 Wall during the Tag
Jazz Box w-Cross, Side Rock, Behind Side
1,2,3,4        Cross R over L, step back on L, step R to R, cross L over R 9:00
5,6,7,8        Rock R to R, Recover, step L behind R, step L to L 9:00


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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