A Lotta Bad Habits

Choregraphie par :  Norman  GIFFORD

Description :              48 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire Facile, Avril 2018

Musique :                   Bad Habits par Michael Lee Austin

(Rock back, replace, lock-steps forward, step, hold, lock-step, brush)
1-2        Left rock back; right replace forward
3&4       Left step forward; right lock behind; left step forward
5-6        Right step forward; hold
&7-8      Left lock behind; right step forward; left brush

(Rock-step, chassè turning ¼ left, crossover, reverse turn ½ right, chassè right)
1-2        Left rock forward; right replace back
3&4      Turn ¼ left stepping side; right together; left step side [9:00]
5-6        Right crossover; left step side in swivel turn ½ right [3:00]
7&8       Right step side; left together; right step side

(Cross-rock, replace, sailor-step, paddle turns RLRL)
1-2        Left cross-rock; right replace
3&4       Sailor-step (LRL)
5-8        Paddle turn 1/8 left; paddle turn 1/8 left [12:00]

(Rock forward, replace, sailor step turning ¼ right, sways LRLR)
1-2        Right rock forward; left replace
3&4       Sailor-step turning ¼ right (RLR) [3:00]
5-8        Sway left; right; left; right {RESTART in 3:00 wall #5, you will be facing 6:00}

(Pivot turns ½ right, kick-ball-change, kick-ball-change)
1-4        Left step forward; pivot turn ½ right; left step forward; pivot turn ½ right
5&6       Left kick-ball-change
7&8       Left kick-ball-change

(Cross, replace, step side, brush, rock forward, replace, long step back, left draw together no weight)
1-4        Left cross-rock; right replace; left step side; right brush forward
5-8        Right cross-rock; left replace; right long step back; draw left back {TAG, wall #4}


TAG: Done only at the end of wall #4, facing 12:00
(Point, hold, ball-change, flick, point, hold, ball-change, flick)
1-2        Left point side; hold
&3-4      Left together; right point side; right flick up behind
5-6        Right point side; hold
&7-8      Right together; left point side; left flick up behind

(Back rock-step, kick-ball-change, pivot-turn ¼ right, sway left, sway right)
1-2        Left rock back; right replace
3&4       Left kick-ball-change
5&6       Left step forward; pivot turn ¼ right [3:00]
7-8        Left sway side; right sway side (with attitude)


Contact: nlgifford@yahoo.com


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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