Badda Badda Swing

Choregraphie par :   Simon WARD

Description :             48 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Novembre 2014

Musique :                   I Don’t Dance par Corbin Bleu & Lucas Grabeel

START: Start on vocals, approx. 28 counts in
The pattern of the dance is 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, (tag), 40, 40 big “Tada” finish on count 41 J

[1-8] Forward ½ turn, coaster step, L shuffle, step ¼ cross
1-2       Step R foot forward (12:00), make ½ turn R stepping L foot back (06:00) 6:00
3&4      Step R foot back, close L beside R, step R foot forward 6:00
5&6      Shuffle forward L-R-L 6:00
7&8      Step R forward, make ¼ turn L, step R over L 3:00

[9-16] ½ turn, cross and heel, cross over full turn, chasse L
1-2       Make ¼ turn R step L back (06:00), make further ¼ turn R stepping R to side 9:00
3&4      Cross L over R, step R back to R diagonal, touch L heel to L diagonal 9:00
&5-6    Step L beside R, cross R over L (hold cross/step), Unwind full turn L (sharp turn releasing L foot) 9:00
7&8     Step L to L side, close R to L, step L to L side 9:00

[17-24] Charleston step, dorothy step
1-2-3   Step R forward, touch L toe forward, step back L foot 9:00
4&       Rock back R, recover forward L 9:00
5-6&7 Step R to R diagonal, lock L behind R, step R to R diagonal, touch L heel to L diagonal 9:00
&8      Step L beside R, cross R over L 9:00

[25-32] L coaster step, R mambo 3/8 turn, Full turn R, L fwd, Point R toe fwd
1&2      Step L foot back, Close R beside L, step L foot forward 9:00
3&4      Rock/step R foot slightly fwd (push off R to assist with turn),Recover weight back onto L turning 3/8 R,complete turn & step R foot fwd Styling (flick L foot back slightly on count 4) 1:30
5-6       Turn a further ½ turn R stepping L foot back, turn ½ turn R stepping L foot forward 1:30
Stying – (flick opposite foot back slighty on turn)
7-8      Step L foot forward, Point R toe forward 1:30

[33-40] R back, L back (shoulder pops), R coaster step, L shuffle fwd, R fwd, Pivot 5/8 turn L
1-2       Step right foot back, Step left foot back 1:30
Styling – (Bend/crouch over slightly & Pop R shoulder up & L shoulder down (1), L shouder up & R shoulder down (&),(Pop R shoulder up & L shoulder down (2), L shouder up & R shoulder down (&)
3&4      Step right foot back, Close left foot beside right, Step right foot forward 1:30
5&6      Step left foot forward, Close right foot beside left, Step left foot forward 1:30
7-8       Step right foot forward, Pivot 5/8 turn left to 07:30 7:30
RESTART HERE ON WALL 6 (AFTER TAG) – Pivot to 06:00 wall to restart

[41-48] R side, Cross/step L x 2 (swing arms), R back, ½ turn, R fwd, Pivot 5/8 L, Point R
1-4       Head & body facing 6:00,Step R foot fwd (heading towards 7:30),Cross/step L fwd & over R,
Repeat (these 4 counts are all heading towards 7.30 – really step it out with the arm swings below) 7:30
Styling – (Swing arms to R & slightly up (1), Swing arms to L & slightly down (2), Repeat (3,4)) – swing style
5-6      Step right foot back towards 01:30, Make a ½ turn left & step left foot forward 1:30
7&8     Step right foot forward, Pivot 5/8 turn left to 06:00, Point right toe to right side 6:00

Tag 12 Count tag End of Wall 5 (facing back wall)
1-12     R fwd, Slap L, L back, Slap R knee, Shuffle fwd R, L fwd, Pivot ½ touching R beside, R side, Hip circles x 3
1&2&   Step R foot forward, Slap L foot behind R leg with R hand, Step L foot back, Hitch R knee slapping top of knee with Lhand Back
3&4     Step R foot forward, Close L besideR, Step R foot forward Back
5&6     Step L foot fwd, Pivot ½ turn R & touch R beside L, Step R foot to R side pushing hip to R Front
7-12    Circle hips clockwise x3, finish with weight on left to restart Front



Catégorie: Intermédiaire

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