Breaking Up Inside

Choregraphie par :  Micaela SVENSSON ERLANDSSON

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Septembre 2016

Musique :                 Love Me Or Leave Me par Liv Marit Wedvik

Intro : 40 temps 

Intro : 40 counts

Section 1: Dorothy Step. Dorothy Step. Step ¼ Turn left. Cross Shuffle.
1-2&      Step forward on right. Lock left behind right. Step forward on right. (Diagonal)
3-4&      Step forward on left. Lock right behind left. Step forward on left. (Diagonal)
5-6        Step forward on right. Turn ¼ left.
7&8       Cross right over left. Step left to left. Cross right over left
Tag & Restart here: On Wall 3 facing 3 O’clock

Section 2: Left Rock. Cross Rock. Left Rock. Behind. Sweep Back Sweep. Back. Back Rock.
1-2        Rock left to left. Recover onto right.
3&4&     Rock left across right. Recover onto right. Rock left left. Recover onto right.
5           Cross left behind right sweeping right foot from front to back.
6           Step back on right sweeping left foot from front to back.
7-8        Rock back on left and bend right knee up with toes on floor. Recover onto right.

Section 3: Step. Step ½ Turn left. Step. Triple Full Turn. Sync. Rock. Step. Full Turn (Back).
1-2&3    Step forward on left. Step forward on right. Turn ½ left. Step forward on left.
4&5       Make a Full Triple Turn forward over the right shoulder stepping left, right, left.
6&         Rock forward on right. Recover onto left.
7-8        Make a full turn back over the right shoulder stepping right, left.

Section 4: Back. Touch across. Back. Touch across. Back Rock Basic Nightclub. Basic Nightclub.
1&        Step back on right. Touch left toes across right foot.
2&        Step back on left. Touch right toes across left foot.
3-4       Rock back right and bend left knee up with toes on floor. Recover onto left.
5-6&    Take a long step right. Rock left behind right. Recover onto right.
7-8&    Tack a long step left. Rock right behind left. Recover onto left.

Tag & Restart: On Wall 3 after Section 1 (Facing 3 O’clock.)

Tag: Step left to left. After the Cross Shuffle (Making it 7&8&) then Restart.

End: As the music is ending after the Dorothy steps (Facing 06:00) Make a Step. ½ Turn L to end facing the front wall



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