Country Shake

Choregraphie par :   Rex  Chuan

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Juillet 2018

Musique :                  « Country Girl (Shake it for Me) » by Luke Bryan

Start at vocal, end facing 12:00 – No Tag, No Restart

S1: Lunge, Turning Weave, Kick Hip Bump, Sit recover
1 2               RF step side and lunge(1), recover weight on LF(2)
3&4             RF back cross LF(3), LF step left(&) while turning 1/8 left, 1/8 turn left and RF Forward(4) (9:00)
5 6 7 8         LF forward(5), quarter turn left while kicking RF with hip bump(6), Land RF and sit on it completely (7), quarter turn right and shift weight back on LF in upright position(8) (3:00)

S2: Out out in cross, Side, Hitch Swivel, Side Step With Ball Change X3, Paddled Swivel
1&2&           RF step right on toe(1), LFstep left on toe(&), RF step back under the weight (2), LF cross over RF(&)
3 4               RF step right(3), hitch LF and swivel on RF left three quarters (6:00)
5&6&78    Land 5 on left side putting weight on it(5), LF together on ball(&), repeat the same steps(6&) [styling guide: while doing this open arms twist upper body to face sideway], Step LF left(7), propel the body to swivel three quarter turn with left leg flipped sideway(8) (3:00)

S3: Front Point, Side Point LR, Monterey Turn, Back Point, Body Roll Swivel, Side Sailor Step Turn
1 2 3 4         LF point forward(1), LF back under the weight while pointing RF right(2), RF back under the weight while pointing LF left (3), LF back under the weight while swiveling on LF left half turn and pointing RF right (9:00)
5 6               Point LF back(5), swivel right half turn with body roll leading by head ending with weight on LF(6) (3:00)
7 8&            RF step right(7), LF back across RF(8), quarter turn left forward RF on ball (12:00)

S4: Walk X2, Front Point, Heel Swivel, Back and Ball Change X4
1 2 3&4        LF forward(1), RF forward (2), LF forward weight on both feet (3), swivel both heels left(&) and back(4)
5&6&7&8&  Step LF back while popping RF(5), land RF slightly closer to LF than before on ball, repeat same move three times [styling guide, open arms with palms upward, raise hands together with the popping RF]

To start again, quarter turn right and do the lunge so it starts facing (3:00)

Enjoy the the dance!



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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