Crimson Blood

Choregraphie par :  Joey WARREN & Debbie RUSHTON

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Septembre 2015

Musique :                 Bloodstream par Ed SHEERAN

* 48 Count Intro (approx.…32 secs)

Cross Back Side, Cross ¼ Turn ½ Turn, Rock Recover, 1 ¼ Turn
1-2-3        Cross R over L (body angled L diagonal), Step L back (center up), Step R to R
4-&-5       Cross L over R, ¼ Turn L stepping back on R, ½ Turn L stepping fwd on L
6 – 7        Rock fwd on R, Recover back on L
8-&-1       ½ Turn R stepping R fwd, ½ Turn R stepping L back, ¼ Turn R stepping R out to R
* over rotate on the last ¼ so you are facing the R diagonal

Cross-Side, Anchor w/ ¼ Turn, ¼ Point, Touch Fwd-Side-Step Touch
2 – 3       Cross L over R (still angled toward diagonal), Step R out to R (square up here)
4-&56     Rock L behind R, Recover R in place, ¼ Turn L stepping L fwd, ¼ Turn L pointing R to R
7&8&      Touch R toe fwd, Touch R toe out to R, Step R next to L, Touch L toe out to L (prep)

Full Turn Monterey w/ Sweep, Rock Recover-Ball Step, Step ½ Turn, Mambo Step
1-2-3       Full Turn L starting on 1,Finish Turn stepping down on L sweeping R in front,Rock fwd on R
4-&- 5     Recover back on L, Step R back beside L, Step L fwd
6 – 7       Step R fwd, ½ Turn R stepping back on L
8-&-1      Rock back on R, Recover in place on L, Step R fwd

Rock Fwd L, Side Step, Weave, Step/Prep to Side-Hold, Full Turn Left
2 – 3      Rock fwd on L, Step fwd and out to R side
4-&-5     Step L behind R, Step R out to R, Cross L over R
6 – 7      Step R out to R as you prep to turn L (lift L off ground slightly), Hold for 7
&-8-&     ¼ Turn R stepping back on L, ½ Turn R stepping R fwd, ¼ Turn R stepping L out to L

TAG: Happens after wall 2 (facing the front) and after wall 5 (facing the back)
(count 1st time you do tag as wall 3) You do the Tag TWO times each time so it’s really a 32 count Tag but 16 counts repeated.

Slow Walks, Rock Fwd Recover, Step Back – Out Out
1 2 3 4  Step R fwd slightly across L, Hold, Step L fwd slightly across R, Hold
5 – 6     Rock fwd on R, Recover back on L
7-&-8    Step back on R, Step L out to L, Step R out to R (come up on balls of feet on out-out)

Hip Sways, Side-Anchor Step Back-Hold, Step Fwd, Rock Recover ½ Turn
1-&-2    Sway hips L, R, L….as you step L, R, L in place (end weight L)
3-4&5   Small step R to R, Rock L back behind R, Recover fwd R, Slightly step L back (raise R leg)
6 – 7     Hold count 6 (R leg still slightly raised in air), Step fwd on R
&-8-&    Rock fwd on L, Recover back on R, ½ Turn L stepping L fwd (over rotate so you face diag)

SEQUENCE: 32, 32, (Tag Twice), 32, 32, 32, (Tag Twice), 32 rest of way

* The music does get quiet toward the end but you keep dancing through it and you should finish facing the front after the full turn Monterey




Catégorie: Intermédiaire

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