Daddy’s Truck

Choregraphie par :  Michael  SCHULZE 

Description :             64 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Janvier 2018

Musique :                  Daddy’s Truck by Big City Brian Wright

**1 Tag (4 Extra Counts) then Restart

S1: Right Heel fwd 2 times , RF Step back, Hold Left Heel fwd. 2 times, LF Step back, Hold
1-2      Right Heel fwd, again
3-4      Right Foot back again , Hold
5-6      Left Heel fwd, again
7-8      Left Foot back again, Hold

S2: Cross, back, side, scuff,cross,back,1/4 turn l, touch
1-2      RF cross over LF, LF Step back
3-4      RF Step right, LF Scuff
5-6      LF cross over RF, RF Step back
7-8      ¼ turn left wth LF Step left, RF touch beside LF

S3: Pivot Military x 2, Step Lock Step Fwd. LF Scuff
1-2      RF step fwd. ½ Pivot left
3-4      again
5-6      RF Step fwd , LF lock behind RF
7-8      RF Step forward, LF Scuff beside LF

S4: Left Step, Lock, Step fwd, Right stomp up, Right Heel, Right Toe,1/4 Turn right ,Right Heel, Right Hook
1-2      LF Step fwd, RF lock behind LF
3-4      LF Step fwd, RF stomp beside LF
5-6      Right Heel forward, Right Toe backwards
7-8      ¼ Turn right with right Heel fwd, RF Hook

S5: RF Step right, LF point, LF left, RF point, Grapevine right, LF point
1-2      RF step right, LF point beside
3-4      LF Step left, RF point beside
5-6      RF step right, LF cross behind RF
7-8      RF Step right, RF Point beside

S6: LF Step left, RF point, RF Step right, LF Point, Grapevine left ½ Turn left, RF scuff
1-2      LF Step left, RF point beside
3-4      RF Step right, LF Point beside
5-6      LF Step left, RF Cross behind LF
7-8      ½ Turn left with LF Step left, RF Scuff beside LF

S7: Right RockStep fwd. RF Step, back, Hold, Left Rockstep backwards , LF Step fwd. , Hold
1-2      RF Step fwd., Weight on LF
3-4      RF Step backwards, Hold
5-6      LF Step backwards, Weight on RF
7-8      LF step fwd, Hold

S8: Right Toe Strut ½ Turn left, Left Toe Strut ½ Turn left ,Rocking Chair
1-2      ½ Turn left with RF Toe fwd, RF Heel down
3-4      ½ Turn left with LF Toe fwd, LF Heel down
5-6      RF Step fwd, Weight on LF
7-8      RF Step backwards, Weight on LF

TAG: In Round 6 after 32 counts (..Right Hook) 4 Extra Counts after that : Restart
**Extra counts:
RF Step right, LF scuff, LF Step left, RF Scuff
1-4      RF Step right, LF Scuff beside, LF Step left, RF Scuff beside



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