Dream It Possible

Choregraphie par :   Rhoda  Lai  –  Canada

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire +, Juin 2019

Musique :                   « Dream It Possible » by Jane Zhang – 3:39 – « 我的夢 »by Jane Zhang 3:39


Intro: 8 counts
Notes: 4-count Tag at the end of Walls 1&3
TAG: 6-count Tag after 16 Counts during Wall 5

S1: R Press-Recover-Sweep, 1½ R, Forward L R, Touch L, Back L R, Touch L, ½ L, ¼ L R Side Rock-Recover-Sweep
&1          Press R forward, Recover onto L sweeping R
2&3        ½ R stepping forward R, ½ R stepping back L, ½ R stepping forward R (while raising R arm forward & lifting L foot straight and behind) (6:00)
4&5        Step forward L, step forward R, lock L behind R with weight remain on R (while raising L arm up)
6&7        Step back L, step back R, touch L back (L arm at shoulder level pushing forward L hand as to “Stop”)
8&1        Pivot ½ L stepping L in place, ¼ L rocking R to R side, recover onto L while sweeping R forward (9:00)

S2: R Cross-Back-Back, L Back-Back-Elbow, Sway L R L, R Forward ½ R ½ R
2&3        Cross R over L, step L back, step R back kicking L foot forward (while swinging R arm back in a circular motion)
4&          Step back L, step back R
5            Hold (With L hand straight at shoulder level, pull R elbow back as in the ready position in Archery)
6&7        Sway and rock forward and back on L R L
8&1        Step forward R, ½ R stepping back L, ½ R stepping forward R while sweeping L from back to front

S3: L Jazz Box, R Jazz Box ¼ R, L Cross, R Side Rock, Weave ¼ L
2&3        Cross L over R, step back R, step L to L diagonal back
4&5        Cross R over L, ¼ R stepping back L, step R to R side (12:00)
6&7        Cross L over R, rock R to R side, recover onto L
&8&1     Cross R over L, step L to L side, step R behind L, ¼ L stepping forward L(9:00)

S4: Chase ½ L, Chase ⅜ R, R Forward Mambo, ⅛ L
2&3        Step forward R, ½ L stepping L beside R, step forward R (3:00)
4&5        Step forward L, ⅜ R stepping R beside L, step forward L (7:30)
6&7        Rock R forward, recover onto L, step back R
8             ⅛ L stepping L to L side (square back to back wall) (6:00)

Tag at the end of Walls 1 (6:00) & 3 (3:00)
1             Cross R over L while bending down as if the body is about to collapse
2 3 4       Rock L to L side while straightening up, rock R to R side, ¼ L stepping L forward while lifting R foot behind

Tag during Wall 5 (3:00)
Dance up to count 8 in Section 2 of Wall 5,
&Step forward L
1 2 3 4    Repeat Counts 1, 2, 3, 4 of the above Tag
5 6          Cross R over L, unwind a full L turn with ending weight on L
and Restart the dance at 12:00.

Ending: During Wall 7, dance up to count 7 of Section 1, take a full turn to the L to face 12:00 on count 8.

Contact: rhoda_eddie@yahoo.ca – 1(647) 295-3833 – www.laidance.net


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