Elvis Shuffle

Choregraphie par :  Pat STOTT

Description :            32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, 2010

Musique :                 Return To Sender par Elvis PRESLEY

Commence dance:  Return to Sender after 16 beats on vocals
She’s not You after 2 seconds on the word “Soft”
Pack Up after 32 beats on vocals

Chasse to right, rock back, recover, chasse left, rock back, recover
1&2      Right to right, close left to right, right to right
3-4       Rock back on left, recover onto right
5&6      Left to left, close right to left, left to left
7-8       Rock back on right, recover onto left

*1/2 turning shuffle, rock back, recover, walk, walk, kick ball change
1&2      Turning ½ left- shuffle right, left, right
3-4        Rock back on left, recover onto right
5-6        Walk forward – left, right
7&8       Kick left fwd, step onto ball of left, step right in place

*1/8th paddle, 1/8th paddle, jazz box, tap
1-2       Paddle 1/8th right
3-4       Paddle 1/8th right
5-8       Cross left over right, step back on right, step left to left, tap right next to left

Side, tap, side, tap, Elvis knees
1-2       Step right to right, tap left next to right
3-4       Step left to left, tap right next to left
5-8       Elvis knees – pop left knee in, right knee in, left knee in, right knee in

Choreographers note:-
Have fun with the Elvis knees maybe replace them occasionally with an Elvis pose and hold.
Also you could replace the jazz box section with a full turn right stepping left, right, left, tap




Catégorie: Débutant

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