Everybody But You

Choregraphie par :  Myra Harrold (Scotland)

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Mai 2020

Musique :                  Everybody but You by Hootie and the Blowfish (Feat. Darius Rucker)

Intro: 24 Counts

Sect:1 Fwd,Rock,Recover,1/4,Rock,Recover,Behind Sweep,Behind,Side,Cross &Heel & Together
1,2&3&4          Rf Fwd,Rock Lf Fwd,Recover Rf,Pivot 1/4 L,Rock Lf Fwd,Recover Rf,Lf Behind Rf,Sweep Rf (9)
5&6&7&8        Rf Behind Lf,Lf To L,Cross Rf Over Lf,Lf To L,Present R Heel To R,Close Rf To Lf,Close Lf To Rf (9)

Sect:2 Fwd R,L,Pivot 1/4,Cross&Heel&Together,Fwd,Pivot 1/2,Kick Ball Change
1,2&3&4          Rf Fwd,Lf Fwd,Pivot 1/4 R,Rf To R,Cross Lf Over Rf,Rf To R,Present L Heel To L (12)
&5,6,7&8         Close Lf To Rf,Rf Fwd,Pivot 1/2 L,Lf Fwd,Rf Kick Fwd,Close Rf To Lf,Lf Fwd (6)

Sect:3 2 Basic N/C’s,Side,Behind,1/4,Fwd,1/2,Fwd
1,2&,3,4&        Rf To R,Rock Lf Behind Rf,Cross Rf Over Lf,Lf To L,Rock Rf Behind Lf,Cross Lf Over Rf (6)
5,6&7,8           Rf To R,Lf Behind Rf,Pivot 1/4 R,Rf Fwd,Lf Fwd,Pivot 1/2 R,Rf Fwd (3)

Sect:4 Prissy Walks ,Scissor Step,Back,Back,Cross,Back,Back,Cross
1,2,3&4           Cross/Walk Lf Over Rf,Cross/Walk Rf Over Lf,Rock Lf To L,Recover Rf,Cross Lf Over Rf (3)
5&6,7&8         Rf Back,Lf Back,Cross Rf Over Lf,Walk Lf Back,Rf Back,Cross Lf Over Rf (Travellin Back) (3)

Tag: 8 Counts At End Of Wall 1 And Wall 2 =
Start On Rf, Walk,Walk,Shuffle,Walk Walk,Shuffle To Complete A Full Circle Turning L


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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