Choregraphie par :  Neville FITZGERALD et Julie HARRIS

Description :            32 temps, 2 murs, Avancé, Mai 2015

Musique :                Flashlight par JESSIE J

Starts after 16 Counts.

Back, Rock & Step, 1/2, 1/2, 1/4, Rock & Side, Behind & Cross.
1           Step back on Left.
2&3      Rock back on Right, recover on Left, step forward on Right.
4&5      Make 1/2 turn to R stepping back on Left, 1/2 turn R stepping fwd on Right, 1/4 turn R                         stepping Left to Left side. (3:00)
6&7      Cross rock Right behind Left, recover on Left, step Right toRight side.
8&1      Cross step Left behind Right, step Right to Right side, cross step Left over Right.

Cross &Behind, Behind & Step (Making 1/2 Circular Turn), 1/2, 1/2, Step, 1/2,Mambo Drag.
2&3      Making 1/8 turn to R cross step Rover Left, 1/8 turn to R stepping Left to Left side, making                 1/8 turn to R step back on Right. (7:30)
4&5      Step back on Left, make 1/8 turn to R stepping R to Right side, step fwd on Left. (9:00)
6&7      Make 1/2 turn to Left stepping back on R,1/2 turn to Left stepping fwd Left, step wd On R.
&          Pivot 1/2 turn to Left. (3:00)
8&1      Rock forward on R, recover on Left, step back a large step on Right dragging Left. **R*

Back, 1/4, Point, Sweep 1/2, Step, 3/4 , Side, Rock &Side.
2&3      Step back on Left, make 1/4 turn to R stepping R to Right side, point Left to Left side. (6:00)
4          Taking weight onto Left sweep Right out making 1/2 turn to Left. (12:00)
5          Slightly cross step Right over Left.
6-7       Make 3/4 pencil turn to R stepping Left next to R (slight dip of both knees) step Ri to Right                 side. (9:00)
8&1      Cross rock Left behind Right, recover on Right, step Left to Left side.

Behind 1/4 Step, Step 1/2, 1/2, Step, Forward, Together, Back, Together.
2&3      Cross step R behind Left, make 1/4 turn Left stepping fwd on Left, step fwd Right. (6:00)
4&5      Step fwd on Left, pivot 1/2 turn to R, make 1/2 turn to R stepping Left next to R and Pop your             R knee fwd (weight on Left)
6          Step forward on Right.
7&        Step forward on Left, step Right next to Left.
8&        Step back on Left, step Right next to Left.

Restart Wall 3 : Dance Up To &Including Counts 7&In Section 2. Then Step Fwd on R Count 8

Begin Dance Again By Making 1/ 4 Turn To Right Stepping BackOn Left.. Count 1




Catégorie: Avancé

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