Fooling Around With Me

Choregraphie par :  Wil Bos (NL) & Hyunji Chung (KOR)

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Novembre 2019

Musique :                  Fooling Around by Bo Göran Svens

Info : Intro 20 counts Start on the word (YOU)

Rocking Chair, Modified Jazz-Box Scuff, Modified Jazz-Box ¼ L, Cross Shuffle
1&2&        RF. Rock fwd – LF. Recover – RF. Rock back – LF. Recover
3&4&        RF. Cross over LF – LF. Step back – RF. Step R – LF. Cross scuff over RF
5&6           LF. Cross over RF – RF. ¼ L Step back – LF. Step L
7&8           RF. Cross over LF – LF. Step to L – RF. Cross over LF (9.00)

Step L, Back Flick Cross R Behind L, Step R, Back Flick Cross L Behind R,
(Styling Back Flicks Touch R Hand on Left Heel & L Hand on R Heel)
Chasse ¼ L, Mambo Back, Kick, Step Back, Kick, Step Back, Kick
1&             LF. Step L – RF. Flick heel behind L knee & touch left hand on right heel
2&             RF. Step R – LF. Flick heel behind R knee & touch right hand on left heel
3&4           LF. Step to left – RF. Step beside LF – LF. ¼ L and step fwd(6:00)
5&6&        RF. Rock fwd – LF. Recover – RF. Step back – LF. Low kick fwd
7&8&        LF. Step back – RF. Low kick fwd – RF. Step back – LF. Low kick fwd (6.00)

Coaster Step, Heel Strut x 2 Turn 1/4 L, Mambo Back, Shuffle ½ Turn L,
1&2          LF. Step back – RF. close beside LF – LF. Step fwd
3&4&       RF. Step fwd on heel – RF. Lower left toe – LF. Turn 1/4 L Step fwd on heel – LF. Lower left toe(3;00)
5&6          RF. Rock fwd – LF. Recover – RF. Step back
7&8          LF. 1/4 turn step L – RF. Close beside LF – LF. 1/4 turn step fwd (9.00)

Mambo ,¼ Turn R, Touch L beside R, Chasse L, Mambo Cross Rock Back, Step R, Cross Behind, Turn ¼ R ,Step Fwd
1&2&       RF. Rock fwd – LF. Recover – RF. ¼ R step to R – LF. Touch beside RF (12.00)
3&4          LF. Step to L – RF. Close beside LF – LF. Step to L
5&6          RF. Rock behind LF – LF. Recover – RF. Step to R
7&8          LF. Cross behind RF – RF. ¼ turn R step fwd – LF. Step fwd(3:00)

Tag: after wall 2 & wall 5 : Walk, Walk
1-2           RF. Step fwd – LF. Step fwd

Ending: Normal the dance will be finest in wall 7 after 16 counts on the back ball
Replace the last shuffle half turn with a Left Coaster Step, to finish the dance on the front wall.

Start Again


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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