Choregraphie par :  Tomasz & Angela

Description :              32 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Juin 2020

Musique :                   Goliath by Smith & Thell

Note: The dance begins with the use of the singing
Abbreviations: RF right foot – LF-left foot

S1: Shuffle forward r + l, rock forward, shuffle back turning half r
1 & 2        step forward with right – move L Fan right and step forward with right
3 & 4        step forward with left – step RF towards left and step forward with left
5-6           Step forward with the right – Raise the LF a little – Weight back onto the LF
7 & 8       quarter turn to the right and step right with right – left to right, Approach, quarter turn clockwise and step forward with right – 6 o’clock

S2: Step pivot full r, shuffle forward, rock forward, coaster step
1-2           steps forward with left – full turn clockwise on both bales -Weight at the end on the right
3 & 4       Step forward with the left – Move to the left and step forward with the left
5-6           step forward with right – lift LF a little – weight back onto left foot
7 & 8       step backwards with right – move LF to right and small step forward with right

S3: Vine l, rolling vine r,
1-2           steps to the left with left – Cross RF behind left
3-4           step left with left – touch RF next to left
( Restart: In the 5th round – towards 6 a.m. – cancel here and start again)
( Day / restart: In the 11th round – direction 6 o’clock – break off here, dance the bridge and start over)
5-8           Three steps to the right – doing one full turn to the right (rlr) -Touch LF next to the right

S4: Kick, kick, shuffle in place l, heel – ball – cross 2x
1-2            Kick LF forward twice
3 & 4        Cha cha on the spot (rlr)
5 & 6        Tap the right hoe diagonally at the front – position the RF on the left and LF on the right cross
7 & 8        Like 5 & 6

Day / bridge (after the end of the 2nd and 5th round – 12 p.m.)
T 1-1: Stomp, hold r + l, shuffle in place turning half r (r + l)
1-2           Stomp RF next to the left – hold
3-4           Stomp LF next to right – hold
5 & 6       Cha Cha on the spot, doing a half turn to the right (rlr) 6 o’clock
7 & 8       Cha Cha on the spot, doing a half turn to the right (lrl) at 12 o’clock

T1-2: Stomp, hold r + l, shuffle in place turning half r (r + l)
1-8           Like step sequence T1-1


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