Hey Hey!

Choregraphie par :  Pat STOTT

Description :            64 temps,   4 murs, Intermediaire, Septembre 2016

Musique :                 Madre Tierra (Oye) by Chayanne

#52 count intro

Section 1: Side, behind, heel jack, hold, touch, heel jack, touch, heel jack, close
12&34&.        Side right, cross left behind right, step diagonally back on right, extend the left heel fwd towards left diagonal, hold, close left to right
5&6&7&8&.   Touch right behind left, step on right, left heel diagonally fwd, close left next to right, touch right behind left, step back on right, left heel diagonally fwd, close left next to right

Section 2: Cross, 1/4 turn right stepping back on left, 1/4 turn right with chasse to right, cross rock, chasse 1/4 left
123&4.         Cross right over left, 1/4 right stepping back on left, 1/4 right with a chasse right
567&8.         Cross rock left over right, recover on right, chasse 1/4 left

Section 3: Right toe forward, hold, toe switches x 2 (moving slightly back), touch left toe to left side, side switches x 2, close
12&3&4.        Right toe fwd, hold, close, toe switches : left toe fwd, close, right toe fwd (slightly moving back)
&56&7&8&    Close right to left, point left to left, hold, close, point right to right, close, point left to left, close
For extra styling during the forward toe switches: on step 3 turn the left knee towards right, and on step 4 turn right knee towards left

Section 4: Cross, 1/4 left, lock step back, large step back, drag, ball, walk, walk
123&4.         Cross right over left, turn 1/4 right stepping back on left, lock step back
56&78.         Large step back on left, drag right toe towards left, step on ball of right (next to left), 2 walks fwd left, right

Section 5: Rocking chair, step forward, step forward, 1/2 pivot left, step forward,
1-4              Rock forward on left, recover on right, rock back on left, recover on right
5-8              Step forward on left, forward on right, 1/2 pivot left, Step forward on right

Section 6: Rocking chair, forward on Left, forward on right, hitch left knee and 2 heel bounces on right turning 1/2 left
1-4.             Rock fwd on left, recover on right, rock back on left, recover on right
5-8.             Step fwd on left, step fwd on right, hitch left knee and bounce right heels twice as you gradually turn 1/2 left (optional – push arms up twice when they sing Hey, Hey!)

Section 7: Rock back, recover, shuffle forward, step (or jump forward) flicking left behind right, back on left kicking right forward slightly off the floor, repeat the last 2 steps
123&4.        Rock back on left, recover on right, shuffle forward left, right, left
5-6               Step/jump fwd on right and flick left behind right, Step back on left and kick right fwd slightly off the floor
7-8.              Repeat steps 5-6

Section 8: Rock back, recover, step forward, 1/4 pivot left, cross shuffle, scissor step
1234.         Rock back on right, recover on left, step fwd on right, 1/4 pivot left
5&6.           Cross shuffle – cross right over left, left to left, cross right over left
7&8.           Left to left, close right to left, cross left over right

Tag end of walls 2 (6 o’clock) and 4 (12 o’clock):
1-4.            Step right to right and swing hips – right, left, right, left

End of music: Wall 6 Dance up to end of section 4 and turn 1/4 right on step 8 to face 12 o’clock, with arms up in the air « Hey! »



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