It’s Working

Choregraphie par :    Wayne  Beazley

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Août 2017

Musique :                   It’s Working by James Barker Band. Album: Game On. ALSO Your Heart, by Raelyn

Alternate song; Your Heart by Raelyn, iTunes, (2 x restarts)

Quick start. Start vocals could be “THAT SUMMER NIGHT” – Rotates CCW

Section 1: Walk, Walk, Charleston step, Shuffle Fwd
1-2        Walk fwd R,L
3-4        Touch R fwd, step R back
5-6        Touch L back, step L fwd
7&8       Shuffle fwd (RLR)

Section 2: L fwd, 1/2R, Touch R tog, R back, Touch L tog, Full turn fwd, Shuffle fwd
1-2        Step L fwd, Turning 1/2R – touch R tog (6:00)
3-4        Step R back ¼ turn right, touch L tog (9.oo)
5-6        Stepping L,R, complete 1 1/4 turn left (6:00)
7&8       Shuffle fwd (LRL)

Section 3: Rock R fwd, R tog, L fwd, 1/4R Pivot, Cross shuffle, R to side, 1/2L, L to side
1-2&      Rock fwd on R, replace weight on L & step R tog
3-4        Step L fwd, pivot 1/4R (9:00)
5&6       Cross shuffle (Left over Right)
7-8        Step R to side turning 1/4L, turning a further 1/4L- step L to side (3:00)

Section 4: Walk, Walk, R fwd, Pivot 1/2L, R fwd, L heel fwd, L toe back, Shuffle fwd
1-2        Walk fwd R,L
3&4       R fwd & ½ turn pivot left onto L , step R fwd (9:00)
5-6        Touch L heel fwd, touch L toe back
7&8       Shuffle fwd (LRL)
[32] Restart dance

TAG: End of wall 4 (facing front wall), add following 4 count
1 – 4        Walk round 3/4R (to 9:00), stepping RLRL – clapping hands on each step

*When using alternate song “Your Heart”
*2 x Restarts. Wall 4. 3.oo o’clock, wall 6. 9.oo o’clock, Dance first 16 counts

CONTACT; Email – Wayne


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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