Jesus and My Mama

Choregraphie par :  Elisabeth Elkuch-Heid (Lizzy)

Description :             40 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Juillet 2020

Musique :                  Jesus and My Mama by Gabby Barrett

[1-8] Kick R ( Arms up) Ball Touch L Side (Arms down), Kick L (Arms up), Ball Touch R Side
(Arms down), Step R Fwd, 1/2 Turn L, Full Turn L (R,L) (6)
1&2       Kick R Fwd (Arms up), Step R next to L, Touch L to left side (Arms down)
3&4       Kick L Fwd (Arms up), Step L next to R, Touch R to right side (Arms down)
5.6         Step Fwd R, 1/2 Turn L (Weight L)
7,8         Full Turn L with R, L

[9-16] R Heel Fwd, Hook, Back R, Kick L, Hook, Back, Bend Both Knees To Right Side, Straighten Up both Knees and Turn 1/4 left (3)
1&2       R Heel Fwd, R Hook L, R Heel Fwd
&            R Back to Center and Kick L Fwd
3&4       L Hook R, Kick L Fwd, Step L Down
5,6         Bend both Knees to right, and up again with 1/4 Turn L (Weight L)
7&8       1/2 Turn Shuffle left with: R-L-R (slightly back)

[17-24] Coaster Step, Walk, Walk, Mambo 1/2 Turn R, Shuffle 1/2 Turn Right (9)
1&2        Step L Back, Step R next to L, Step L Fwd
3,4          Walk Fwd R, L
5&6        Step R Fwd, Recover L, 1/2 Turn R and Step Fwd on R
7&8        Shuffle 1/2 Turn R: L-R-L

[25-32] R Heel Fwd & Toe Back L, 1/4 Turn L – Back Toe R & L Heel Fwd – Repeat
1&2        Touch R Heel Fwd, Back to Center, Touch L Toe Back
&3&4     Back to Center, 1/4 Turn L and Touch R Toe Back, Back to Center, Touch L Heel Fwd
&5&6&  Back to Center, Touch R Heel Fwd, R to Center, Touch L Toe Back, L to Center
7&8&     1/4 Turn L and Touch R Toe Back, R to Center, Touch L Heel Fwd, L to Center

[33-40] Diagonal Lock Steps R With Scuff, Diagonal Lock Steps L With Touch (3)
1-4         Step R diagonal Fwd, L next to R, Step Fwd R, Scuff L
During Walls 3. (9) und 5. (3) Wand stop here and substitute count 4 with Step L next to R (Step Change) – and restart the dance
5-8         Step L diagonal Fwd, R next to L, Step Fwd L, Touch R next to L (3)

Tag: After Wall 2
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[1-8] Heel Hook Heel Flick, Cha Cha Cha in Place R & L
1&2&     Touch R Heel Fwd, R Hook F, Touch R Heel Fwd, Flick R
3&4        Triple Steps in Place: R-L-R
5&6&     Touch L Heel Fwd, L Hook R, Touch L Heel Fwd, Flick L
7&8        Triple Steps in Place: L-R-L

[9-16] Rock Fwd Recover Coaster Step R & L
1,2          Step R Fwd, Recover L
3&4        Step R Back, Step L next to R, Step R Fwd
5,6          Step L Fwd, Recover R
7&8        Step L Back, Step R next to L, Step L Fwd


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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