Just My Type

Choregraphie par :  Rob Fowler & Laura Sway 

Description :             64 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Juillet 2018

Musique :                  Just My Type by The Vamps

COUNT IN: 16 counts ( approx. – 8secs )

[1-8] Walk forward R, L, Mambo R, Walk back L, R, Coaster Step L.
1,2        Walk forward R(1) Left(2
3&4       Rock forward on R (3) recover onto L(&), step R in place(4)
4,5        Walk back L(5) R(6
7&8       Step back on the Left(7) step R next to L(&) step forward on the Left(8)

[9-16] Skate R, L, R, Step ½ L, Rock side recover Ball Step, touch behind.
1,2        Skate R to R diagonal(1) Skate L to L
3,4        Skate R to R diagonal , Make a ¼ turn left step fwd L
5,6        Make ¼ turn L Rock R to R side(5) recover onto L(6)
&7 8     Quickly step onto the R ball(&) Step L to L side(7) touch Right foot behind Left(8)
(*optional* on count 8- look to the Left and click your fingers to the left)

[17-24] Side behind & cross side, sailor steps x2
1,2      Step Right to Right side(1) step Left behind R(2)
&3,4    Quickly step on the R(&) cross Left over R (3) Step R to R side(4)
5&6     Step L behind Right(5) Step Right slightly to Right side(&) step Left to Left side(6)
7&8     Step R behind L(7) step L slightly to L side(&) Step R to R side(8)

[25-32] Rock Left, recover, shuffle ½ turn, Turning Hips bumps.
1,2      Rock forward Left(1) recover onto Right(2)
3&4     Making a ½ turn L, step forward on the L(3) Step R to L(&) step forward L(4)
5&6     Step forward R bump R hip forward(5) back(&) forward(6)
7&8     Make 1/2 turn L bumping L hip forward(7), back(&) forward(8) 6.00

[33-40] Right Dorothy, Left Dorothy, ½ turn, Right Dorothy, step hitch.
1 2&    Step R to R diagonal(1), lock L behind R(2), step R beside L(&).
3 4&    Step L to L diagonal(3) lock R behind L(4) step L beside R making ¼ R(&)
5 6&    Making a ¼ turn R step R to R diagonal(5)lock L behind R(6) step R beside L(&)
7 8      Step Left to L diagonal(7) hitch R knee up(8)12.00

[41-48] Syncopated figure of 8, Step ¼ Left, step kick.
1,2      Step R to R side(1) step L behind R(2)
&34     Quickly step R ¼ turn R(&) step L slight across R(3) turn to face 12.00 stepping into the R(4)
5,6      Step L to L side(5) Step R behind L(6) quickly step forward Left making ¼ Left(&)
&78     Making ¼ L Stepping R to R side(7) jump L beside R kicking R foot to the side(8) 6.00

[49-56] Cross hold & cross shuffle, Rock Left recover, behind ¼ Step.
1,2 &   Step R across L(1) hold(2) quickly step Left to Left side(&)
3&4     Cross R over L(3) Step L to L side(&) cross R over L(4)
5,6      Rock L to L side(5) recover(6)
7&8     Step L behind R(7) ¼ turn R stepping forward R(&) step forward L(8) 9.00

[57-64] Step pivot ½ turn, shuffle ½ turn, jump back, clap, hip Roll.
1,2      Step forward in the Right(1) pivot ½ turn Left(2)
3&4    Making a ½ turn Left step back on the Right(3) step Left to Right(&) step back Right(4) 9.00
&5 6   Jump back Left(&) Right(5) feet apart, clap(6
7,8      Roll hips in a full circle anti-clockwise. 9.00

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