Love Someone

Choregraphie par :  Lindsey  Nicole

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Avril 2018

Musique :                  Brett Eldredge – Love Someone

The dance starts on lyrics (after 96 cts)

*8ct Tag the 3rd time time facing the 3rd wall

S1: Grapevine R, Tap fwd, Tap side
1,2,3,4      Grapevine Right
5,6,7,8      tap fwd L, tap together L, tap side L, tap together L

S2: Grapevine Left, Tap fwd, Tap side
1,2,3,4      Grapevine Left,      tap fwd R, tap together R, tap side R, tap together R

S3: Forward Lock R, brush, Forward lock L, brush
1,2,3,4      step fwd R, Lock L, step R, brush L
5,6,7,8      Step L, Lock R, Step L, Brush R

S4: Rocking chair, ¼ turn jazz box to the right
1&2,3,4     step front R, Recover L, Step Back R, Recover L
5,6,7,8      Jazz box to the right Cross over R, back L, side ¼ turn to the right on R, Step L


*Tag: Jazz Box w/ ¼ turn
1-8           Cross over R (1), hold (2), step back L (3), hold (4), side ¼ turn to the right on R (5), hold (6), Step L (7), hold (8)
Restart & continue dance until music fades out



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