Make It Louder

Choregraphie par :   Ria  VOS

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, 2015

Musique :                 Louder par RAYLEE

Intro: 16 Counts (±10 sec)

Kick & Step, Swivel ½ R Hitch, Coaster Step, Mambo Touch Back
1&2          Kick R Fwd, Step on Ball of R Next to L, Step Fwd on L
3&4          Swivel Heels Turning ¼ R, Recover ¼ L, Swivel Heels ½ Turn R (end weight on L)
&              Hitch R
5&6          Step Back on R, Step L Next to R, Step Fwd on R
7&8          Rock Fwd on L, Recover on R, Touch L Toe Back (lean Fwd for Styling)

½ L, Step ¼ Pivot L, Cross & Heel & Cross, Side, Point Behind, Side-Together Fwd
1               ½ Turn L Step Fwd on L
2&3          Step Fwd on R, ¼ Pivot Turn L, Cross R Over L
&4&          Step L to L Side, Touch R Heel Fwd to R Diagonal , Step R Next to L
5               Cross L Over R
6-7            Step R to R Side, Cross Touch L Toe Behind R (Option: look and snap fingers R)
8&1           Step L To L Side, Step R Next to L, Step Fwd on L

Charleston Fwd, Reverse Rocking Chair, ½ R, ½ R, ¼ R Chasse
2              Charleston Point R Toe Fwd
3&            Rock Back on R, Recover on L,
4&            Rock Fwd on R, Recover on L
5-6           ½ Turn R Step Fwd on R, ½ Turn R Step Back on L
7&8          ¼ Turn R Step R to R Side, Step L Next to R, Step R to R Side

Cross Rock, Side Rock, Cross Samba ¼ Turn L, Walk & Point x2 Step Swivel
1&            Cross Rock L Over R, Recover on R
2&            Rock L to L Side, Recover on R
3&4          Cross L Over R, Rock R to R Side, ¼ Turn L Recover on L
5&            Cross Step Fwd R, Point L to L Side (or Sweep L around)
6&            Cross Step Fwd on L, Point R to R Side (or Sweep R around)
7&8          Step Fwd R, Swivel Both Heels R, Recover (weight on L)

Ending: After the Cross Samba, you’ll be facing 9:00, on last beat Step Fwd R and Sweep L to face 12:00 making ¼ Turn R…Tada!

Option: At the end of wall 7 count 7&8 the beat goes away and there is a ‘gunshot’
to phrase with that change the count to 7-8&… or just dance through it if you wish.



Catégorie: Novice

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