Make It Sweet for 2 (P)

Choregraphie par :  Rick Hobbs & Gail Eaton

Description :             32 temps, Partner Débutant/Novice, Octobre 2018

Musique :                  Make it Sweet by: Old Dominion

Side by side two hand hold Position, Opposite Footwork,
Man’s footwork described except where noted.
Tag/Restart: During the 3rd sequence. Change shuffle step to a Run, Run, Touch

[1 – 8] R Toe, Heel, Stomp, L Toe, Heel Stomp, R Locking Shuffle, L Locking Shuffle
1&2     Touch R Toe, Touch R Heel, Stomp Right
3&4     Touch L Toe, Touch L Heel, Stomp Left
5&6     Step fwd R, Lock Left behind R, Step fwd Right
7&8     Step fwd L, Lock R behind L, Step fwd L

[9-16] Step Right to R, Slide L next to R, Touch L next to R, Step Left to L Side, Slide R next to L, Touch R next to Left, Touch R Toe out front, Touch R Toe Behind, Shuffle R
1-2      Step Right to Right side, Drag Left next to R, Touch Left toe next to Right
3-4      Step Left to Left Side, Drag Right next to Left, Touch Right toe next to Left
5-6      Touch Right toe in front, Touch right toe Behind
7&8     Shuffle (R-L-R)
Hands: On count 1 release hands, On count 5 pickup lady’s left hand in man’s right
Tag/Restart: Will happen on counts 7&8 during the 3rd sequence. Change the Shuffle step To a Run, Run, Touch (R-L-touch R)

[17-24] ¼ turn R to face partner, Shuffle side L, R behind and cross, Left Scissor Step, Right Scissor Step with a ¼ turn to line of dance
1&2     ¼ R to face your partner, Shuffle Side (L-R-L)
3&4     Step R behind L, Step L to Left, Cross R over in front of Left
5&6     Rock & Cross Left over Right
7&8     Rock &, ¼, Step
Hands: On count 5 release lady’s Right hand

[25-32] Locking L Shuffle, Mambo Fwd, Coaster, Run, Run, Touch
1&2     Locking shuffle L, (Step fwd L, lock R behind L, Step fwd L)
3&4     Rock fwd R, Rec L, Step back on R
5&6     Rock back on L, Recover R, Step fwd L
7&8     Step fwd R, Step fwd L, Touch Right toe next to L

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