Make It Through Another Day

Choregraphie par :   José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL), Roy Verdonk (NL) 

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Juillet 2019

Musique :                  Another Day – Buckshot LeFonque

Intro : 32 counts
Restarts in wall 3 and wall 7 after count 16

S1: Ball/Step, Step forward, Cross Heel Grind, Side, Side, Cross, Sweep, Cross, 1/4 Turn L(2x)
&1-2        Lf step together(&), RF step forward, LF step forward
3&4         RF cross heel in front of LF (toes turned in), RF swivel toes right whilst taking step to left with LF (&), RF step right
5             LF cross in front of RF sweeping RF from back to front
6&7         RF cross in front of LF, make 1/4 turn right stepping LF back (&), make 1/4 right during (06.00)
8             LF cross in front of RF

S2: Press/Recover, Sailor Step With 1/4 Turn L, Ball/ Lock Behind, Unwind Full Turn L
1-2          RF press on ball of foot on right diagonal (7.30), recover onto LF
3&4         RF cross behind LF, make 1/4 turn left stepping LF forward (&), RF step forward (03.00)
&5           LF step forward(&), RF lock behind LF
6-7-8       unwind slowly full turn left (weight ends on LF) (03.00)
(*restart the dance here in wall 3 and 7 , but then end with weight on RF)

S3: Ball/Touches (2x) With 1/4 Turn L, Ball/ Point, Ball/Step, Step Forward L/R, 1/8 Turn R, Ball/Cross, 1/8 Turn L, Forward L
&1         RF step diagonal back right(&), LF touch together
&2         make 1/4 turn left (12.00) stepping LF diagonal back left (&), RF touch together
&3         RF step back (&), LF touch forward
&4         LF step together (&), RF step forward
5-6        LF step forward , RF step forward
&7         make 1/8 turn right (01.30) stepping LF left (&), RF cross in front of LF
8           make 1/8 turn left (12.00) stepping LF forward

S4: 1/2 Turn L With Sweep, Syncopated Sailor Steps Travelling Forward, Hip Bump With 1/2 Turn L, Sailor Step With Heel Touch With 1/4 Turn L
1              make 1/2 turn left stepping RF back and sweeping LF from front to back (06.00)
2&3         LF cross behind RF, RF step forward diagonal right(&), LF step forward diagonal left
&4           RF cross behind LF (&), LF step forward
5-6          RF touch toes forward and bump right hip forward, make 1/2 turn left stepping RF down (12.00)
7&8         LF cross behind RF, make 1/4 turn left stepping RF forward (09.00)(&), LF touch heel forward


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