Miss Me More

Choregraphie par :  April  Barker

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant +, Février 2019

Musique :                  Miss Me More, by Kelsea Ballerini

INTRO- 16 COUNTS – Start with lyrics

Sec 1: Walks, Rocks, Turns
1, 2:                Walk forward R, L
3&4:               Rock to the right with R, cross R in front of L while turning ¼ counter clockwise on ball of L, ending weight on R facing new wall
5, 6:                Walk forward L, R
7&8:               Rock to the left with L, cross L in front of R while turning ¼ clockwise on ball of R, ending with weight on L facing new wall

Sec 2: Grapevine/Weave step, Cross/unwind, Kick ball change
1, 2:                Step right with R, cross L behind R
3&4:               Step right with R, cross L in front of R, step on R, cross L behind R
5, 6:                Unwind legs, doing a ½ turn counter clockwise, ending facing new wall with legs side by side
7&8:               Kick ball change with R

Sec 3: Triples/locks/sailor steps, cha cha steps
1, 2:                Step onto R, leading with heel, cross L behind R, quickly stepping side with R before repeating step on L, as follows:
3, 4:                Step onto L, leading with heel, cross R behind L, quickly stepping onto onto L, ending the step by pivoting ball of L ¼ clockwise, so that you are facing a new wall
5, 6:                Lock step/cha cha step forward R, L
7&8:                Quick lock step/cha cha step forward, R L R

Sec 4: Rock, pencil turn, modified rocking chair
1, 2:                Rock forward with L, then back onto R
3 & 4:             Do a 1 1/2 rotation pencil turn, L R L, ending facing the wall that was behind you
5, 6, 7, 8:        Rocking chair step, rocking forward onto R, then back onto R, ending with the left knee slightly popped upward, with L toe still pointed into the ground

No Tag Or Restarts, continue to repeat walls until the song is finished.


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