Moody Blue

Choregraphie par :  Hiroko Carlsson (Grafton, Australia)

Description :              64 temps, 4 murs, Avancé, Octobre 2016

Musique :                   Elvis Presley-Moody Blue – iTunes

(Intro: 16 counts)

[S1] L Scissor Step, Recover, Side Rock, Behind 1/2R Sweep, Back Rock
1 2          Step L to side, step R next to L,
3 4          Cross L over R, replace weight on L
5 6          Step L to side, replace weight on R,
7-8&       Step L behind R then turn 1/2R sweep R around L, step R back, replace weight on L (6:00)

[S2] Cross Side Behind 1/2 Sweep, Behind 1/2 Sailor R, Fwd Together
1 2          Cross R over L, step L to side,
3-4          Step R behind L, turn 1/2L sweep L around R (12:00)
5&6         Step L behind R, turn 1/2R sweep R around L then step R back, step L next to R
7 8          Step R fwd, step L next to R (6:00)

[S3] 2x Turning Shuffle, 1/2R, Brush Fwd-Back-Side
1&2         Turn 1/4R stepping R to R side, step L next to R, turn 1/4R stepping fwd on R
3&4         Turn 1/4R stepping L to L side, step R next to L, turn 1/4R stepping back on L
5 6          Turn 1/2R step R fwd, brush L fwd
7 8           Brush L back R, brush L to side (12:00)

[S4] Side Lunge, 1/4R Together, Tog, 2x Side Skate RL,
1 2          Lunge L to side, hold
3 4&       Turn1/4 R, pull R back next to L, replace weight on L
5-6          Slide R to side
7-8          Slide L to side (3:00)

[S5] 2x R Side Rock, 1/8L Fwd, Hold, Half Diamond ( Back & Fwd)
1&2        Slide R to side, weight back on L, slide R to side
3 4          Turn 1/8L step L, hold (1:30)
5&6         Step back R, step L back, turn1/8R step R side
7&8         Turn1/8R step L fwd, step R fwd, step L fwd (4:30)

[S6] 1/4L Back Toe Strut, 3/8L Fwd Toe Strut, 1/4L Back Lock, Back Lock, Side Point
1 2          Turn 1/4L and touch R toe back, step down
3 4          Turn 3/8L and touch R toe fwd, step down (9:00)
5 6          Turn 1/4L step R back, cross L over R
7&8        Step R back, cross L over R, point R toe to side (6:00)

[S7] Fwd touch, Hitch 1/2R, Fwd Touch, Hitch 1/4L, 2x Side Rock Cross
1&2         Touch R toe fwd, hitch R turning 1/2R weight on L, R next to L
3&4         Touch L toe fwd, hitch L turning 1/4L weight on R, L next to R
5&6         Rock R to side, recover weight on L, R cross over L
7&8         Rock L to side, recover weight on R, L cross over R (9:00)

[S8] Prissy Walk-Walk, Lunge Fwd Hold, Recover, Back 1/2, Tog 1/2
1-2          Step R fwd, hold
3-4          Step L fwd, hold
5 6          Step R fwd lunge, hold
7 8&        Push back weight on L, turn 1/2R step R fwd, on ball of R make further 1/2R turn (9:00)

Tag: 2xSway( End of wall 2, at 6:00 )
1-2 3-4    Sway L(1-2) R(3-4)

Please contact me for demo & work-through. (
(Updated 15/Oct/2016)


Catégorie: Avancé, Chorégraphies

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