Move EZ

Choregraphie par :  Mitzi DAY

Description :           16 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Octobre 2016

Musique :                Move par Luke BRYAN

Dance begins after 32 cts on vocals. No Tags Or Restarts. WooHoo!

V step, samba step, samba turning 1/4 step.
1-2-3-4      Step right diagonal forward. Step left diagonal forward. Step right back to center. Step left beside right.
5&6           Step forward right. (5) Step left to side of right on ball of foot.(&) Recover weight on right.(6)
7&8           Step fwd left and turn 1/4 to 9:00(7) As you turn step right ball of foot to 12:00(&) Recover weight on left foot facing 9:00(8)

Pivot over left 1/2 turn, Stomp forward right left right, rock left forward recover, full triple turn over left .L-R-L.
1-2           Step right foot forward and turn 1/2 over left shifting weight to left facing 3:00.
3&4          Stomp foot right left right moving forward.(3:00)
5-6           Step left forward then shift weight to right foot.
7&8          Making a full turn step left right left in a tight circle back to 3:00.



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