Nothing Breaks Like a Heart

Choregraphie par :  Helen Conroy (Irelande) 

Description :             48 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Février 2019

Musique :                  Nothing Breaks Like a Heart » by Miley Cyrus & Mark Ronson

*5 Tags, 1 Restart*

Sec 1:
1,2,3&4          Skate Fw right left, Shuffle Fw right
5,6,7&8          Skate Fw left right, Shuffle Fw left

Sec 2:
1,2&3,4&        Syncopated Right & Left Dorothy step Fw
5,6,7,8,           Step Bk right, touch left beside right, Step Bk left, touch right beside left

Sec 3:
1&2,3&4         1/4 turn right Shuffle Fw right, 1/2 turn left Shuffle Fw left
5&6,7&8         1/4 turn right Shuffle Fw right, 1/2 turn left Shuffle Fw left

Sec 4:
1,2&3&4          Right side behind, right Vaudable step
5,6&7&8          Left side behind, left Vaudable step

Sec 5:
1,2&3&4&       Right side behind, Quick weave right
5,6,7,8            Left rock Fw&Bk

Sec 6:
1,2&3&4&       1/2 vine left, Quick weave left
5,6,7,8            Right rock Fw&Bk

Tag 1:
1,2&3&4&       At the end of wall 1 add 1/2 vine right, Quick weave right,
5,6,7&8           Left rock Fw, Left coaster step.

Tag 2: At the end of wall 2 Repeat Sec 6

Tag 3: At the end of wall 4 Repeat Sec 6

Tag 4&Restart: On wall 5 dance up to Sec 4 and add 1/2 vine right, ouick weave right, left rock Fw, left coaster step, then Restart.

Tag 5: At the end of wall 6 Repeat Sec 6

Ending: On wall 7 (12 o clock) dance Sec 1&4 counts of Sec 2
Then face 12 o clock and stomp right Fw.


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