One Wing In The Fire

Choregraphie par :   Lotte Irmgarth Hansen, Tina Elmholt and Friends (DK) 

Description :              36 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Mars 2018

Musique :                   « One Wing in the Fire » by Trent Tomlinson

Start on vocal

Syncopated rock steps, L ½ step turn, Slow L full turn (6:00)
1-2&      Cross R over L, Recover on L, Step R next to L
3-4&      Cross L over R, Recover on R, Step L next to R
5-6        Step R forward, Turn ½ L
7-8        Turn ½ stepping back on R, ½ turn stepping forward on L

¼ R Basic (3:00), ⅛ L basic L, (1:30) Walk R, Walk L, R Step lock step
1-2&      Turn ¼ L Stepping R a big step to R side, Step L behind, Cross R over L
3-4&      1/8 L Stepping L a big step to L side, Cross L over L
5-6        Walk R, Walk L
7&8       Step R forward, Lock L behind R, Step R forward

R Step ½ Turn, ½ turn, R Step Lock back, Sailor ⅜ turn L, R Mambo forward (9:00)
1&2       Step L forward, ½ turn R, ½ Stepping back on L
3&4       Step R back, Lock L over R, Step R back
5&6       Cross L behind R, Making 3/8 turn L, Step R next to L, Step L forward
7&8       Rock forward on R, Recover on L, Step back on R

L Step Lock Step back, Sweep Sailor ¾ R with cross, L Side rock cross (6:00) Side behind ¼ turn, Step (9:00)
1&2       Step on L, Lock R over L, Step back on L
3&4       Sweep R behind L making ¾ turn R, Step L next to R, Cross R over L
5&6       Rock L to L side, Recover on R, Cross L over R
7&8       Step R to R side, Step behind R, Turn ¼ R stepping forward on R

R Step ½ Turn Step, R Kick Ball Step.
1&2       Step forward on L, Turn ½ R, Step L forward
3&4       Kick R forward, Step L next to R, Step forward on L

Tag: After walls 1 and 5. (3:00) L Step ½ Turn, L step ½ turn. (1-2-3-4)
Tag: After wall 6 Tag. (6:00) R Walk, L wall. (1-2)

Ending: Dance 6 count, Make a full turn L, Cross R over L. (12:00)



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