Rock Me Mama

Choregraphie par :  Marie McLeod (UK/Canada)

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Débutant, Avril 2018

Musique :                   Wagon Wheel by Nathan Carter (147 bpm)

Intro: 32 counts (start on vocals)

S1: Right Rocking chair, right and left toe struts
1,2,3,4      Rock fwd RF, recover LF, rock back RF, recover LF
5,6,7,8      Touch right toe fwd, drop right heel, touch left toe fwd, drop left heel (12:00)

S 2: Right Rocking Chair, step R, brush L, step L, brush R
12,3,4      Rock fwd RF, recover LF, rock back RF, recover LF     Step fwd R. brush L toe, step fwd L, brush R toe (12:00)

S 3: Toe, Heel, Jazz Box quarter turn R
1,2,3,4      Cross R toe over left, drop right heel, step left toe back, drop left heel
5,6,7,8      Step R toe quarter turn R, drop R heel, bring L toe together, drop L heel (3:00)

S 4: Monterey quarter right, step fwd R, touch L toe behind R, step L back, hook R
1,2,3,4      Point R toe to R side, ¼ turn R, point L toe L, step L together
5,6,7,8      Step fwd on RF, touch L toe behind RF, step LF back, hook right in front of left (6:00)

Start dance again


Enjoy 🙂

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