Choregraphie par :    Jef Camps (BEL) & Roy Verdonk (NL)

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Novice Cha Cha, Avril 2021

Musique :                  Beautiful Girls – Roman Alexander

S1: Cha Cha Time Steps, Slow Walks Fwd, Mambo ¼ Turn
1-2&        RF step side, LF step together, RF step in place
3-4&        LF step side, RF step together, LF step in place
5-6-7       RF step forward, LF step forward, RF step forward
8&1         LF rock forward, recover on RF, ¼ turn L & LF step side (9:00)

S2: Cross Rock/Recover, Chasse, Cross, Side, Sailor Step/Sway
2-3          RF rock across LF, recover on LF
4&5         RF step side, LF close next to RF, RF step side
6-7          LF cross over RF, RF step side
8&1         LF cross behind RF, RF step side, LF step side & sway hip L

S3: Sways R-L, Cross Mambo, Side, Cross, Back, Step-Lock-Step Bwd
2-3          Sway hip R, sway hip L
4&5         RF rock across LF, recover on LF, RF step side
6-7          LF cross over RF, RF step back
8&1         LF step back, RF lock in front of LF, LF step back

S4: Back Rock/Recover, ½ Back, Big Step Back, Drag, Together, Step-Lock-Step
2-3          RF rock back, recover on LF
4-5          ½ turn L & RF step back, LF big step back (3:00)
6&           Drag RF towards LF, RF close next to LF
7&8         LF step forward, RF lock behind LF, LF step forward

Start again & have fun.

Restarts: –
*In wall 3 after 12& counts you add following steps before restarting the dance
Sways R-L-R-L
5-6-7-8    RF step side & sway R, sway L, sway R, sway L

*In wall 7 after 12& counts restart the dance



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