Story Of A Heart

Choregraphie par :   Michelle  RISLEY

Description :             64 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Août 2017

Musique :                  Story Of A Heart – 7th Heaven Remix – Radio Mix – STEPS

Note 1: Intro – 16 Counts Repeated 4 Times
Note 2: Wall 4- Drop Count 31-32 (Pivot Turn) Carry On 6oc At Count 33 (Walk, Kick-Ball-Change)

Intro – Repeated 4 Times, To Bring You Back To Front Wall To Start Main Dance
1&2&          Step Right To Right Side, Hold, Cross Rock, Recover (Angled To Right Dia)
3&               Make ¼ Left Stepping On Left, Sweep Right Back To Front,
4&5&          Right Over, Left Side, Right Behind, Sweep Left Front To Back,
6&7&8&     Left Behind, Right Side, Cross Left Over, Right Side, Left Over, Hold (9oc)

**MAIN DANCE – Start On Music Change, Heavy Beat
1234          Step To Right Side, Cross Rock Left Over Right, Recover, ¼ Turn Left Step On Left
567&8       Step Forward Right, Pivot ½ Left, Shuffle Forward On Right (3oc)

S2: Full Turn, Rock Forward, Jump Back, Step Back, Step Back, Touch,
1234          Full Turn Right Shoulder Travelling Forward Stepping L-R, Rock Forward On Left, Recover,
&56            Small Jump Back And Hip Width Apart – Left (&) Right (5), Step Back Left, (6)
78              Step Back On Right (7), Touch Left In Front Of Right (8) (Click Fingers Of Right Hand) (3oc)

S3: Kick & Point, Tap Forward, Side, Kick & Point, Tap Forward, Side
1&234       Kick Left Forward, Point Right To Side, Tap Right Front, Tap Right Side
5&678       Kick Right Forward, Point Left To Side, Tap Left Front, Tap Left Side (3oc)

S4: Sailor Step, Sailor Step, Reverse Pivot ½, Pivot ½ Turn
1&23&4      Left Behind Right, Right To Side, Left To Side, Right Behind Left, Left To Side, Right To Side
5678           Tap Left To Back, Reverse Pivot ½ Left, Step Forward Right Pivot ½ Left (3oc)*
Note: 1-4 Sailor Steps Should Be Travelling Back Slightly
Note: Wall 4 Drop Count 7-8 Pivot Turn, Pick Up Dance Section 5 Facing Back Wall

S5: Walk, Kick-Ball Change, Walk, Rock Forward, Full Turn Triple (Alt Coaster)
12&34        Walk Forward Right, Left Kick Ball Change, Walk Forward Left
567&8        Rock Forward Right, Recover, Full Turn Triple Over Right Shoulder (Alt Coaster Step)

S6: Rock Forward, ½ Shuffle, 1/4 Pivot, Cross Shuffle
123&4        Rock Forward On Left, Recover, ½ Turning Shuffle Over Left Shoulder
567&8        Step Forward On Right, ¼ Turn Left, Cross Shuffle With Right (6oc)

S7: Side, Behind, & Heel & Touch & Heel & Touch, Coaster Step (Angled)
1 2&3         Left Side, Behind, Step Back On Left Dia, Right Heel To R Dia,
&4              Step Down On Right, Touch Left Toe Behind Right Heel
&5&6         Step Back On Left, Right Heel Forward, Step Down On Right, Left Toe Behind Right Heel
7&8            Left Coaster Cross (Angled To R Dia)

S8: Point, Turn, Point, Turn, Full Turn, Pivot 1/2
1 2             Touch Right Toe To Right Side (6oc) Step Right Foot Forward Making ¼ Turn Right (9oc)
3 4             Make ¼ Right Point Left To Side (6oc), Step Left Foot Forward Making ¼ Turn Left (9oc)
5 6             ½ Turn Left Step Back On Right Foot, ½ Turn Left Step Forward On Left Foot
7 8             Step Forward On Right Foot, Pivot ½ Turn Left (Weight Ends On Left Foot) (3oc)




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