Summer Samba

Choregraphie par :  Regina Cheung (Can) and Linda Francey (Can) 

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Septembre 2018

Musique :                   D’estate non vale (feat. Ana Mina)

Intro : 16 counts

Sec 1: Cross Walk R & L, Cross Samba R & L, Right Forward Mambo, Back Left
1 2        Step right forward cross over left, Step left forward cross over right
3&4       Step right forward (slightly across left), rock ball of left to left side, recover weight right
5&6       Step left forward (slightly across right), rock ball of right to right side, recover weight left
7&8&     Rock right forward, Recover on left, Step right together, Step left slightly back (12:00)

Sec 2: Volta 3/4 Right, Rock Recover, Sailor 1/2 Left
1&         Step right forward 1/4 right, Lock left behind right
2&         Step right forward 1/4 right, Lock left behind right
3&4       Step right forward 1/4 right, Lock left behind right, Step right forward
5 6         Rock left forward, Recover on right
7&8       Make 1/4 turn Left cross behind Right, 1/4 Left stepping Right next to Left, Step Left cross over right (3:00)

Sec 3: Whisk R & L, Bump Hips, Sailor 1/4 Right Cross
1 2&      Step right on right side, Left rock behind right, Recover on right
3 4&      Step left on left side, Right rock behind left, Recover on left
5&6       Touch right forward, pump hips forward back forward, Keep weight on left
7&8       Make 1/4 turn right cross behind Left, Step left next to right, Step right cross over left (6:00)

Sec 4: Side Rock Cross R & L, Mambo 1/2 Left, Pivot 1/4 Left Touch
1&2       Left rock on side, Recover on right, Left cross over right
3&4       Right rock on side, Recover on left, Right cross over left
5&6       Rock left forward, Recover on right, Step left 1/2 left forward
7&8       Step right forward, Pivot 1/4 left, Touch right next to left (9:00)

TAG : (4 Counts) at the end of Wall 5 (9:00), Raise Fists Up
1&2        Turn body to left, Touch R forward, Bump hip forward back, Step on right
3&4        Turn body to right, Touch left forward, Bump hip forward back, Step on left

Ending : Wall 7 (starts at 6:00) dance up to Count 14, make a Sailor 1/4 left cross @ (12:00) TADA !!

Contacts –
Regina Cheung :
Linda Francey :


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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