The Answer

Choregraphie par :    Gaye  TEATHER

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Juillet 2017

Musique :                  The Answer by Don Williams. CD: Reflections. 76 bpm

Track available from iTunes & Amazon
#16 count intro

Side Right. Back rock. Side Left. Back rock. Side. Cross. Side Right. Quarter turn Left. Step
1 – 2&    Long step to Right on Right. Rock back Left behind Right. Recover onto Right
3 – 4&    Long step to Left on Left. Rock back Right behind Left. Recover onto Left
5 – 6      Step Right to Right side. Cross step Left over Right
7&8        Step Right to Right side. Quarter turn Left placing weight onto Left. Step forward on Right (9 o’clock)

Triple full turn Right (travelling forward).Step. Forward rock. Step. Forward rock. Step. Sweep back. Sweep back
1&2        Half turn Right stepping back on Left. Half turn Right stepping forward on Right. Step forward on Left
Option for counts 1&2: Left lock step forward (9 o’clock)
&3 – 4    Step Right beside Left. Rock forward on Left. Recover onto Right
&5 – 6    Step Left beside Right. Rock forward on Right. Recover onto Left
&7 – 8    Step Right beside Left. Sweep and step back on Left. Sweep and step back on Right

Behind-side-cross. Side rock & cross. Quarter turn Right x 2. Cross. Sway. Sway
1&2        Cross Left behind Right. Step Right to Right side. Cross Left over Right
3&4        Rock Right to Right side. Recover onto Left. Cross Right over Left
5&6        Quarter turn Right stepping back on Left. Quarter turn Right stepping Right to Right side. Cross Left over Right (3 o’clock)
7 – 8      Sway Right. Sway Left

Side Right. Together. Forward. Sway. Sway. Side Left. Together. Back. Sway. Sway
1&2        Step Right to Right side. Step Left beside Right. Step forward on Right
3 – 4      Sway onto Left. Sway onto Right
** Restart from beginning at this point during wall 6 changing count 4 to a Right TOUCH beside Left. (You will be facing 6 o’clock)
5&6        Step Left to Left side. Step Right beside Left. Step back on Left
7 – 8      Sway onto Right. Sway onto Left

Start again

*Tag: At the end of wall 3 (facing 9 o’clock) there is an 8 count tag. Simply repeat the last 8 counts of section 4
above. Just listen for the instrumental which will prepare you for this tag.

After you have danced the Tag, dance 2 more walls as normal and this will bring you to 3 o’clock.
This is the wall where you will Restart after 28 counts

The dance ends facing front. Take a long step to Right to finish with a flourish!!


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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