The Banks Of The Roses

Choregraphie par :     Tina ARGYLE

Description :               34 temps, 2 murs, Novice, Mai 2017

Musique :                    The Banks Of The Roses by Nathan Carter

Count In : 16 counts – start on the words “banks”

S1: Walk Walk, Side Rock Step. Walk Walk, Side Rock Cross
1 – 2Step forward right then left
&3-4Rock right out to right side, recover, step forward right
5 – 6Step forward left then right
&7-8Rock left out to left side, recover, step left across right

S2: Side Behind & Heel & Cross. Side Behind & Heel ¼ Turn & Step
1 – 2      Step right to right side, cross left behind right
&3         Step right to right side, touch left heel to left diagonal
&4         Step down left, cross right over left
5 – 6      Step left to left side, cross right behind left
&7         Make ¼ turn right stepping back left – Touch right heel forward (3 o’clock)
&8         Step right in place and step forward left

S3: Slide Together with Clap. Chasse. Rock Forward, Coaster Step.
1 – 2      Take long side step right with right, step left at side of right clapping hands
3&4       Step right to right side, close left at side of right, step right to right side
5 – 6      Rock forward left, recover
7&8       Step back left, step back right at side of left, step forward left

S4: ¼ Turn Walk Walk Shuffle. ½ Turn Walk Walk Shuffle
1 – 2      Start to turn left stepping right then left
3&4       Shuffle round RLR passing 12 o’clock wall
5 – 6      Walk left then right still turning left
7&8       Shuffle LRL to end up facing 6 o’clock wall (6 o’clock)

* Wall 1: add the following 8 count BRIDGE here then carry on into the last section (½ pivot turn) ***
1 – 4      Right cross rock recover, Chasse
5 – 8      Left cross rock recover, Chasse.

S5: Step ½ Pivot Turn
1 – 2      Step forward right, make ½ pivot turn left onto left

*** Wall 3: add the 8 count TAG at the end of the dance then repeat the last section (½ pivot turn) again ***
1 – 4      Right cross rock recover, Chasse
5 – 8      Left cross rock recover, Chasse.

*** On walls 2, 4 &7 drop the last section of the dance making it 32 counts – the music is obvious!!

*** Final wall (wall 10) slow down and ¼ turn the coaster step to face 12 o’clock


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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