Too Nice

Choregraphie par :  Carol  Cotherman

Description :             34 murs, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Avril 2019

Musique :                   Too Nice – Isaac Cole

#8-Count Introduction counting with & counts. Dance starts on the word “going” right after “She was”.

*The dance steps would be considered an Improver level, but with the sequence, I’ve leveled this to be an Intermediate dance. Restarts can be heard in the music!

Sequence: 34 – 22 – 34 – 22 – 32* – 34 – 22

Modified K Step, Locking Shuffle, Step, 1/2 Turn, Step
1&2&3&4        Step right to right diagonal, touch left beside right and clap, step left back to left diagonal, touch right beside left and clap, step right back to right diagonal, hook left over right touching left toe over right and clap, step left forward, scuff right forward
5&6-7&8         Step right forward, lock left behind right, step right forward, step left forward, ½ pivot right, step left forward (6:00)

Scissor Step, Scissor Step, ¼ Locking Shuffle, Step, Tap, Back, Kick
1&2-3&4        Step right to side, step left beside right, step right across left, step left to side, step right beside left, step left across right
5&6-7&8&     ¼ Turn right stepping right forward, lock left behind right, step right forward, step left forward, tap right behind left, step right back, left low kick forward (9:00)
Alternate Turning Steps on Counts 5&6: ¼ Turn left stepping right back, ½ turn left stepping left forward, step right forward

Back Locking Shuffle, 1/8 Turning Sailor, 3/8 Turning Sailor, Step, Together, Stomp
1&2-3&4        Step left back, lock right over left, step left back, swing right behind left turning about 1/8 turn right weight goes onto right, step left in place, step right beside left (11:00)
5&6-7&8        Swing left from front to back turning about 3/8 turn stepping left behind right, step right beside left, step left slightly forward by right, step right forward, step left together, stomp right in place (6:00)

Heel Switches, Rocking Chair, Heel Switches, Step, Lock, Step, Step, Lock, Step, Step, Touch
1&2&3&4&    Touch left heel forward, step left in place, touch right heel forward, step right in place, rock left forward, recover to right, rock left back, recover to right
5&6&7&8&    Touch left heel forward (5), step left in place (&), touch right heel forward (6), step right in place (&), step left forward (7), lock right behind left (&), step left forward (8), step right forward (&),

1&2&             Lock left behind right (1), step right forward (&), step left forward (2), touch right beside left (&) (6:00)

*On the 32 count wall, change the & after count 32 to a right touch beside left foot instead of stepping right forward.


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