We About To Turn It Up

Choregraphie par :  John Huffman, Lynn Luccisano

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Septembre 2018

Musique :                   What Ya’ll Came To Do by Aretha Franklin & John Legend {single on iTunes}

Thank you to Stephanie Eddings for the passion & inspiration for a dance to this track

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Step R fwd swivel heel out, in, Step L fwd, swivel heel out, in, R heel, toe, shuffle fwd R L R.
1&2        Step R fwd, swivel R heel out & back in taking weight
3&4        Step L fwd, swivel L heel out & back in taking weight
5-6         Touch R heel fwd, touch R toe back
7&8        Shuffle fwd R L R – 12:00

Step L fwd, hold, R ball step ¼ turn R, weave L over R
1-2         Step L fwd, hold
&3-4      Step ball of R next to L, Step L fwd making ¼ turn R taking weight to R
5-6         (Weave) Cross L over R, step R to side
7-8         Step L behind R, step R to side – 3:00

Body roll left diagonal, body roll right diagonal, hip roll clockwise R to L
1-2         Roll head, chest & shoulders to L diagonal taking weight on L,
3-4         Roll head, chest & shoulders to R diagonal weight on R
5-6-7-8   Roll hips around clockwise R to L
*stylize: with counts 1-4: use arms as if pulling taffy apart on each diagonal!
counts 5-8: bounce hips double time around-5&6&7&8 – 3:00

R Sailor step, ½ turn L sailor step, skates with touches R L R L
1&2        Step R behind L, step L to L side, step R to R side
3&4        Step L behind right, make 1/2 turn L stepping on R, step on L – 9:00
5&6&      Skate diagonal R, touch L, skate diagonal L, touch R
7&8        Skate diagonal R, touch L, skate diagonal L
*variation to counts 5-8- apple jacks or (slow step touches) Step R, touch L, step L, touch R

*The dance ends on count 32 @6:00, do a rock recover ½ turn R to the front wall if you want.
Get funky wit it!

Contacts: –
John Huffman: jthuffman62@yahoo.com
Lynn Luccisano: cheralike13@aol.com
Stephanie Eddings: eddingss@bellsouth.net


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