We No Speak Americano

Choregraphie par : Pim Van GROOTEL

Description :           32 temps, 2 murs, Débutant, 2010

Musique :                 We No Speak Americano par  Yolanda Be Cool vs Dcup

Starts after: 4 counts

Walk, Walk, Shuffle L, Walk, Walk, Shuffle R
1     LF Step diagonal left forward
2     RF Step diagonal right forward
3     LF Step diagonal left forward
&     RF Step next to LF
4     LF Step diagonal left froward
5     RF Step diagonal right forward
6     LF Step diagonal left forward
7     RF Step diagonal right forward
&     LF Step next to RF
8     RF Step diagonal right forward
Note: While you doing the shuffle L and R you push both arms in the air!

Jazz box L, Touch, Rolling Vine R, Clap 2x
1     LF Cross over RF
2     RF Step backwards
3     LF Step to left side
4     RF Touch next to LF
5     RF ¼ turn right stepping forward
6     LF ¼ turn right stepping to left side
7     RF ½ turn right stepping to right side
&     Clap
8     Clap

Zumba Rocks, (Cross rock, Rock step, Cross rock, Step)
1     LF Cross over RF
&      Recover on RF
2     LF Step to left side
&     Recover on RF
3     LF Cross over RF
&     Recover on RF
4     LF Step to left side
5     RF Cross over LF
&     Recover on LF
6     RF Step to right side
&     Recover on LF
7     RF Cross over LF
&     Recover on LF
8     RF Step to right side

Cross, Monterey Turn R, Cross, Step, Hip bumps
1     LF Cross over RF
2     RF Touch to right side
3     RF ½ Turn right step next to LF
4     LF Touch to left side
5     LF Cross over RF
6     RF Step to right side
7- 8 Bump hips right
Note: While you doing the hip bumps, snap your right fingers in the air!

Tag 1: After wall 1 just add 4 extra hip bumps to the right.
Tag 2: After wall 8 add again 4 extra hip bumps and wait for 4 more counts and start again 🙂
(you hear this very clear in the music!!!)

Restarts: In wall 3 and 5 start after the first 16 Counts.
Ending: In wall 11, dance until count 20 and make your own end pose.



Catégorie: Débutant

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