What Love Is All About

Choregraphie par :  Regina Cheung  & Grace David

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Mai 2017

Musique :                  What Love Is All About par John Reid

Intro: 16C; start 1 count before the lyrics « I’ve never felt the way I’m feeling »

[1-8] Diag.Step, 1/4 Sailor Turn, Chase Turn, Rev. Full turn, Fwd Rock/Rec, Back
1          LF big diag. fwd step 10:30
2&3      1/4 turn R & RF cross behind LF, LF step side, RF step Fwd 1:30
4&5      LF Step Fwd, 1/2 turn to R, LF Step Fwd 7:30
6&7      1/2 turn to L stepping RF back,1/2 turn to L stepping LF fwd,RF step Fwd 7:30
8&1      Rock LF fwd, Recover on RF, Step LF back 7:30

[9-16] Side Rock Cross, Side & Cross Rock, Sways, Cross, 1/4 Turn Back, 1/4 Turn Side w/ a Sweep
2&3      RF Rock Side, 1/8 turn L while recover on LF (squaring to 6:00), cross RF over LF 6:00
4&5&    LF Rock Side, Recover on RF, LF Rock Cross, Recover on RF 6:00
6-7       Sway on L, Sway on R 6:00
8&1      LF Cross over RF, 1/4 Turn L stepping RF back, 1/4 turn L stepping LF side while sweeping RF from back to front – 12:00

[17-24] Cross, Back, Side, Fwd 1/2 Turn, Full Turn with a Sweep, Coaster Step. Fwd Rock/Rec, Back
2&3      RF Cross over LF, LF Step back. RF Step side 12:00
4&5      LF Fwd while turning 1/2 to R, 1/2 Turn to R stepping RF Fwd, 1/2 Turn to R stepping LF back with a Sweep – 6:00
6&7      RF Step back, LF Step next to RF, RF Step Fwd 6:00
8&1      LF Rock Fwd, Recover on RF, LF big Step back 6:00

[25-32] Runs back, Side Rock, 1/4 Turn Recover, Cross, 1/4 Turn Back, 1/4 Turn Fwd, ¼ Turn Side, Back Rock/Rec
2&3      RF Run back, LF Run Back, RF Run Back 6:00
4&5      LF Rock Side, 1/4 Turn to L as RF Recovers on the side, LF Cross
(Styling: Spread arms on the side as you push something away) 3:00
6&7      1/4 Turn to L Stepping RF back, 1/4 Turn to L stepping LF Fwd, 1/4 Turn to L stepping RF side – 6:00
8&        Rock LF back , Recover on RF 6:00

TAG: 16C after 2nd and 4th Walls facing 12:00
[1-8] : NC basic, 1/4 Turn Fwd, Step Fwd, 1/4 Turn, Cross, Reverse Full Turn, Back Rock/Recover
1          LF Big Side Step 12:00
2&3      RF Rock back, Recover of LF, 1/4 Turn stepping RF Fwd 3:00
4&5      LF Step Fwd, 1/4 Turn R, LF Cross over RF 6:00
6&7      1/4 Turn to L stepping RF back, 1/2 Turn to L stepping LF Fwd, 1/4 Turn to L stepping RF Side – 6:00
8&        LF Rock Back, Recpver on RF 6:00

[9-16] * Repeat the first 8 Counts, Start 3rd Wall facing 12:00

Please do not alter this step sheet in any way. If you would like to use on your website please make sure it is in its original format and include all contact details on this script.
rclinedanz3@yahoo.com / poshtroy2010@hanmail.net

Regina: rclinedanz3@yahoo.com
Grace: poshtroy2010@hanmail.net


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