Wise Men Say

Choregraphie par :   Alison Johnstone (Nuline Dance) & Jennifer Choo Sue Chin

Description :              32 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaie, Janvier 2017

Musique :                  Can’t Help Falling In Love par Sarah Morgann & Kirby Heyborne

Music Available on iTunes or contact alison@nulinedance.com

Restarts: After count 20a on Walls 3 and 5

Start: On vocals

(1-8) Fwd Rock Recover, Close, Back Rock, Recover, Close, Rock Recover, ½R, Rock Recover, ½L
1-2a        Rock fwd on RF, Recover on LF, Close RF to LF (a)
3-4a        Rock back on LF, Recover on RF, Close LF to RF (a)
5-6a        Rock fwd on RF, Recover on LF, ½R stepping fwd on RF (a)
7-8a        Rock fwd on LF, Recover on RF, ½L stepping fwd on LF (a) (12 O’clock)

(9-16) Fwd, ¼R Sweep, Weave, Sweep, Weave, Hinge ½L, Fwd Rock, Recover, Side Rock, Recover
1             Step fwd RF turning ¼R sweep LF from back to front (3 O’clock)
2a3         Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R (a), Step LF behind RF sweeping RF front to back
4a5         Step RF behind LF, Step LF to L (a), Cross RF over LF
6a7         ¼R stepping back on LF, ¼R stepping RF to R (a), Cross Rock LF over RF
a8a         Recover on RF (a), Rock LF to L, Recover on RF (a) (9 O’clock)

(17-24) Back Sweep, Behind, ¼L Fwd, Pivot ½L, Run, Run, *** Lunge Fwd, Recover, Back, ½L
1-2a        Step back on LF sweeping RF front to back, Step RF behind LF, ¼L stepping LF fwd (a)
3a           Step RF fwd, Pivot ½L shifting weight on LF (a) (12 O’clock)
4a           Small run fwd RF, Small run fwd LF (a) *** RESTART HERE WALLS 3 & 5 ***
5-6          Lunge fwd on RF, Recover on LF
7-8          Step back on RF, ½L stepping fwd on LF

(25-32) Fwd, ¼L Sway, Sway, Sway (with arms crossed over chest, hugging), Nightclub, 4walks in a ¾L circle, close
a1-2        Step fwd RF, ¼L sway L, sway R (3 O’clock)
a             Sway L (a) (Cross arms over chest as you sway they will be singing “In Love”)
3-4a        RF take a long step R, Rock back LF, Recover RF (a)
5-8          Walk in a ¾L circle over stepping LF, RF, LF, RF
a             Close LF next to RF (a) (6 O’clock)


ENDING: The music will slow as you start dancing the dance to 12 O’clock. Slow your dancing to match and you will finish the dance on counts 6a in the second section (the Hinge half turn) change that hinge half to a hinge ¾R to face front stepping LF fwd!!

We hope you enjoy our dance


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