Choregraphie par :  Jackie  MIRANDA

Description :             48 temps, 2 murs, Intemediaire, Juin 2016

Musique :                 « Blessed » by Elton John

Dance starts after 32 count intro

Set 1: Side Step Rock Behind Recover, Diagonal Shuffle, Cross Rock Recover Side Shuffle ¼ Turn
1-3      Step R to R side, rock L behind R, recover on R
4&5     Shuffle to the diagonal wall L, R, L
6-7      Cross rock R over L, recover on L
8&1     Side shuffle R, L, R to R side turning ¼ turn R on count 1

Set 2: Step Forward ¼ Turn Cross Shuffle, ¼ Turn, ¼ Turn Cross Step
2-3      Step forward on L, turn ¼ R stepping down on R to R side
4&5     Cross shuffle L, R, L
6-8      Step back on R into ¼ turn L, turn ¼ turn L stepping L to L side (you will have completed a ½ turn), cross R over L (weight on R)

Set 3: Diagonal Rock Recover Behind Side Cross, Diagonal Rock Recover Behind Side Step Forward
1-2      Diagonal rock forward on L, recover on R
3&4     Step L behind R, step R to R side, cross L over R (as you turn to R diagonal)
5-6      Diagonal rock forward on R, recover on L
7&8     Step R behind L, step L to L side, step forward on R

Set 4: Rock Forward Recover, Rock Side Recover, Rock Back, ¾ Turn
1-4      Rock forward on L, recover on R, rock L to L side, recover on R
5-8      Rock back on L, recover on R, make a ¼ turn R stepping back on L, turn ½ turn R stepping forward on R (you will have completed a ¾ turn)

Set 5: Rock Forward Recover Step Lock Back, Step Lock Back, Rock Back Recover Forward
1-2      Rock forward on L, recover on R
3&4     Step lock back L, R, L
5&6     Step lock back R, L, R
7-8      Rock back on L, recover forward on R

Set 6: Step Forward Sweep ¼ Turn, Step Sweep Forward, Cross, Step Back, Long Side Step Slide, Flick
1-2      Step forward on L, sweep R into ¼ turn L (count 2)
3-4      Cross step down on R over L (count 3), sweep L forward over R (count 4)
5-8      Cross step down L over R (count 5), step back on R, take a long step slide to L on L, flick R behind L

(There will be a one time 4 count Tag that will occur here the 2nd time you come to the back wall as follows:
1-4      Sway R , hold, sway L hold
Then start the dance again )

Contact: 535 Maggie Mack Lane, Sevierville TN 37862 (951) 756-4451
Email: – Website:
Submitted By: raymond sarlemijn


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