Hey Little Girl

Choregraphie par :  Kate Damgaard DK

Description :             48 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Avril 2019

Musique :                   I’m On Fire by Ben Troy, Album : « Gravity » … iTunes

INTRO: 32 counts
RESTART: During wall 2 after Section 4, right after « L side rock, behind side cross (6:00)
TAG: After wall 3: Change the  » cross » (count 8 in section 6) to L step fwd, then do a jazz box cross (3:00)
ENDING: R rock fwd, recover, R step back (mambo), make a L shuffle L 1/2 turn …You’ll now be facing the front wall (12:00)

Section 1: R Point. Touch. Heel. Hook. Step fwd. Tap. Step Back. Hook. Lockstep Fwd. L Mambo 1/2 turn L
1&2&3&4&        R point to side, R touch together, R heel fwd, R hook i.f of, R step fwd, L tap behind, L step back, R hook i.f.
5&6&7&8           R lockstep fwd, brush L, L rock fwd, R recover, 1/2 left step fwd on L

Section 2: R Lockstep. Step 1/4 turn Cross. Side Touch. Side Touch. Side Together Fwd (1/2 box)
1&2&3&4           R lockstep fwd, brush L, L step turn 1/4 right, cross
5&6&7&8&        R step side, L touch together, L step side, R touch together, R step side, L step together, R step fwd, L brush

Section 3: L Stomp fwd. Twist. Coaster step. Mambo step fwd. Lockstep back
1&2                     L stomp fwd, twist both heel to the left side and back to center ending with weight on R
3&4 5&6 7&8    L coaster step back, R rock fwd, L recover, R step back (mambo step) – L lock step back

Section 4: R Diagonally Back. L Diagonally Fwd. Brush. Cross shuffle. L Side rock. Behind side cross
1&2&3&4         R step diagonally back, L touch beside, L step diagonally fwd, R brush, R cross i.f, L step slightly side, R cross i.f.
5, 6, 7&8           L step side, R recover, L step behind, R step side, L cross i.f. RESTART DURING WALL 2 (6:00)

Section 5: R Sway. L Sway. Chassé. Back Rock. Chassé
1,2, 3&4           Sway your hips right and left, R chassé to right side,
5,6, 7&8           L back rock, L chassé to left side

Section 6: R Cross Point Fwd. L Cross Point Back. Jazz Box Cross
1,2,3,4             R cross i.f, L piont side, L cross behind, R point side
5,6,7,8             R cross i.f, L step back, R step side, L cross i.f ***


Any Questions ?? Please feel free to write me 🙂 Mail: katedamgaard66@gmail.com


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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