I Love This Life

Choregraphie par :  Michelle  RISLEY (UK)

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant +, Novembre 2018

Musique :                   I Love This Life – LOCASH (Amazon & iTunes)

*Restart wall 4, after count 16 (3oc), restart dance facing 3oc
*6 count Tag on wall 9, after count 16 (3oc), make 3 x paddle turns (step on the right, ¼ turn Left), end tag facing the back wall and restart dance from count 1

Step Heel Swivel, Coaster Step – Right & Left
1&2      Step Forward Right, Swivel Right Heel Right, Bring Heel Centre
3&4      Step Back Right, Step Left Next To Right, Step Forward Right
5&6      Step Forward Left, Swivel Left Heel Left, Bring Heel Centre
7&8      Step Back Slightly On Left, Step Right Next To Left, Step Forward On Left
Styling: On The Swivels Lean Into The Step, Knee Slightly Bent And Push Into The Swivel With The Ball Of Your Foot, Like You Are Squishing A Bug! 😊

R Rock Forward, ½ Turning Shuffle, Step Forward, ½ Pivot Turn Right, Shuffle
1-2       Rock Forward On Right, Recover Weight To Left
3&4      ½ Turn Right, Step Forward Right, Together Left, Step Forward On Right (6oc)
5-6       Step Forward Left, Pivot ½ Turn Right (12oc)
7&8      Step Forward Left, Right Together, Step Left Forward (Alt: Full Turn Right Shoulder)
*Restart Point – Wall 4 (3oc)
**Tag Point – Wall 9 (3oc) 3 X ¼ Paddle Turns Over Left Shoulder, Restart At 6o/C

Side Rock, Cross Shuffle, Weave – Side, Behind, & Cross, & Behind
1-2       Side Rock Right Side, Recover Left
3&4      Cross Right Over Left, Left To Side, Cross Right Over Left
5-6&     Left To Left Side, Right Behind, & Left To Side,
7&8      Cross Right Over Left, & Step Left To Left, Step Right Behind Left (12oc)

Side Rock, Cross Shuffle, ¾ Rolling Turn Left
1-2       Side Rock Left Side, Recover Right
3&4      Cross Left Over Right, Right To Side, Cross Left Over Right
5-6       ¼ Turn Left Step Back On Right (9oc), ½ Turn Left Step Forward Left (3oc)
7-8       Step Forward Right, Pivot ½ Turn Left (9oc)

Ending: Make ¼ Left Rather Than ½ Pivot On Count 31-32, Cross Right Over Left.. Ta Da!

Smile, Keep Your Feet Happy! & Love This Life!!

Michelle Xx

Contact: michellerisley@hotmail.co.uk / www.peace-train.co.uk
come & Say Hello!!


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