Me And Bobby McGee

Choregraphie par :  Guylaine BOURDAGES & Guillaume RICHARD

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Mai 2016

Musique :                   Me and Bobby McGee par Guylaine TANGUAY

Intro : 16 counts

[1-8] Walk Forward R-L, Cross Shuffle (1/2R), Walk Back L-R-L, Out Out
1-2        Walk forward RF (1), LF (2)
3&4       RF cross in front of LF 1/4R(3), 1/85 LF to left (&), 1/8R RF cross in front of LF(4)
5-6-7     Walk bacl LF (5), RF (6), LF (7)
&8         RF to right (&), LF to left (8)

[9-16] Kick RF forward & Point LF to Left, Kick LF forward & Point RF to Right, Rock Step RF Forward, LF Coaster Step
1&2       Kick RF front 1), RF slightly forward (&), Point LF to left (2)
3&4       Kick LF front (3), LF slightly forward (&), Point RF to right (4)
5-6        RF forward (5), Recover on LF(6)
7&8       RF back (7), LF beside RF(&), RF forward (8)

[17-24] LF to left, Point RF behind LF (make a circle with arms fromleft to right), RF to right Sway R-L, Sailor Step (RF), Sailor Step (LF) with 1/4L
1-2        LF to left (1), Point RF behind LF (2)
(ON counts 1-2, make a circle from left to right with arms , finish with snap fingers to left)
3-4        RF to right sway right (3) sway left (4)
5&6       RF behind LF (5e pos) (5), LF to left (&), RF to right(6)
7&8       1/4L LF cross behind RF (5e pos) (7), RF to right (&), LF to left (8)

[25-32] Skate R-L, Shuffle Forward, LF forward Step Turn 1/2R, LF forward, Clap, Clap
1-2        Ball of RF to right, Ball of LF to left
3&4       RF forward (3), LF beside RF (&), RF forward (4)
5-6        LF forward (5), 1/2R finish with weight on RF (6)
7&8       LF forward (7), Clap twice (&8)

TAG 1 : Before beginning wall 4 FACING 3H
1-4        Sway R-L Chassé RLR
5-8        Sway L-R Chassé LRL
1-4        Walk backward R-L-R-L

TAG 2 : Before beginning wall 7 FACING 6H
1-4        Sway R-L Chassé R-L-R
5-8        Sway L-R Chassé L-R-L

FINAL : On last wall Facing 6H After clap clap, Make 1/2R to face 12H

We have many common points and one is the love of this wonderful song that Guylaine Thanguay is interpreting very well !  We hope that you will like it too … Smile !!! Guylaine & Guillaume




Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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