Perfectly Easy

Choregraphie par :   Alison Johnstone  & Joshua Talbot

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Novice, Avril 2017

Musique :                  Perfect par Ed Sheeran

* This dance can be used as a split floor for our Intermediate dance called “PERFECT”

Wall 4 after count 8* (see below for change)
Wall 8 after count 16** (see below for change)

Start: On the word “Love” Approx 3 sec

(1-8)Forward Left 1/2 Right, Forward, Together (a), 3/8 Pivot R, Walk Forward Left, Right, Left, Forward Rock, Recover (a) (10.30)
1, 2a    Step forward Left and turn 1/2 over Right, Step Right forward, Step Left next to Right (a)
3, 4a    Step Right forward, step L forward, turn 3/8 Right (a) (10.30)
5, 6,     Step forward Left, Step forward Right,
7, 8a    Step forward Left, Rock forward on Right, Recover on Left (a)

(9-16) Walk back, Right Left, 1/8 Right Nightclub (12.00), Left Nightclub, Pivot 1/2 Left
1, 2      Step back Right, step back Left
3, 4a    1/8 turn Right stepping Right to side (12.00), Step Left behind Right, Recover Right (a)
5, 6a    Stepping Left to side, Step Right behind Left, Recover Left slightly forward (a)
7,8       Step Right forward, pivot 1/2 turn Left

(17-24) Step, Step, Step, Rock, Recover (a), Back, back, Left Together (a), Back, Back, Right Together (a) (6.00)
1, 2, 3  Step forward on Right, Step forward on Left, step Forward on Right
4a        Rock forward Left, Recover on Right (a)
5, 6a    Stepping Left back, stepping Right Back, Step Left together (a)
7, 8a    Step Right back, Step Back on Left, Step Right together (a)

(25-32)Step forward Left, Pivot 1/4 Left (3.00), Step, Pivot 1/4 Right (3.00), Cross Rock, Recover, Step (a), Cross Rock, Recover, Step (a)
1, 2a    Stepping Left forward, Step forward on Right, Pivot 1/4 over Left (a) (3.00)
3, 4a    Step forward on Right, Step forward on Left. Pivot 1/4 over Right (a) (6.00)
5, 6a    Cross Left over Right, Recover weight Right, step Left to Left (a)
7, 8a    Cross Right over Left, recover weight Left, step Right to Right (a) (6.00)


This dance can be used as a split floor for our Intermediate dance called PERFECT

RESTART 1: Wall 4 (6.00) Dance to count 6 and turn 1/8 over Right walking forward Left, walking forward Right start again facing wall 6.00

RESTART 2: Wall 8 (12.00) dance to count 16, add an “a” count stepping Right next to Left and start again facing wall 6.00

ENDING: On Wall 10 dance to count 18, Step forward on Right and pivot 1/2 over Left to face the front. Tada!

Alison Johnstone – +61 404 445 076
Joshua Talbot – +61 407 533 616


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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