Ride It

Choregraphie par :  Raymond  Sarlemijn

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Décembre 2019

Musique :                  Ride it by Regard

RF step diagonal right, sailor step, kickball cross, repeat to the other side start with LF.
1        RF step diagonal forward.
2        LF step backwards RF
&       RF step right
3        LF kick diagonal left.
&       LF closes RF
4        RF crosses forward LF
5        LF step diagonal left
6        RF step backwards LF.
&       LF step left.
7        RF kick diagonal right.
&       RF closes LF.
8        LF crosses forward rf.

RF touch right, cross forward, LF touch left, cross forward, RF touch right, cross backwards, LF touch left, cross backwards.
1        RF touch right.
2        RF cross forward LF.
3        LF touch left
4        LF cross forward RF.
5        RF touch right.
6        RF cross backwards LF.
7        LF touch left.
8        LF cross backwards RF

Arm movement with foot tap option, or use hips
1 -3    weight on LF roll your arms from down to up, tap RF if you want or hips
4        change weight to RF.
5 -7    roll both arms from down to up, tap LF if you want or hip.
8        Weight on LF.

Jazz box with ¼ turn right, heels out and in, heels out and in.
1        RF cross forward LF.
2        LF step backwards.
3        ¼ turn right, RF step forward.
4        LF step forward.
&       R heel step right diagonal forward.
5        L heel step left diagonal left forward.
&       RF step in center.
6        LF closes RF.
&       R heel step right diagonal forward.
7        Lheel step left diagonal forward.
&       RF step in center.
8        LF closes RF.

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Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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